~ Warning! Spoilers! TV Show Review: “The Blacklist” Season 2 (NBC 2014-2015) ~


I loved season one the “The Blacklist.” It was exciting, entertaining, and fun. Season two was equally great, but due to my mind being elsewhere, I couldn’t quite give it my undivided attention. I wasn’t in the right headspace to start and appreciate season two. I took a long break from it halfway through which is a pity. That’s not only my fault, but the world’s too. Yet, season two has to bear a bit of the burden for not having held my attention as well as season one.

Firstly, let’s praise the amazing actor, James Spader, because he carries the entire show as the awesome Raymond Reddington, our favorite anti-hero. There’s just something about his chill, flippant, and talkative manner when he’s engaged in gruesome or tortuous acts which brings me glee. It’s twisted in the best way.

Talking about twisted, as a fan of tortured romance novels, I ship Tom and Liz so hard. Their love story started off as lies on Tom’s part and grew to both of them hurting each other again and again. I was invested!    

The whole cast of side characters is fantastic, too. I am charmed by how “The Blacklist” shows its audience that is doesn’t matter how someone looks or how old they are because you never know what they’re capable of. It brings me so much joy whenever I see Mr. Kaplan and to a lesser degree, Brimley. I love Mr. Kaplan so much, and she needs to be protected at all cost. I don’t know what it is about Red which inspires such loyalty. Look at Dembe!

From the first episode, the audience knew we would get an explosive season. Firstly, there was a Jessica Jones cameo, but more than that, viewers get to see more of Red’s past as we are introduced to his ex-wife. Plus, it is revealed that Liz is not Red’s daughter. (Although it’s still too early to say that with there being so many seasons following.)  

Samar replaces Meera, and she is in Red’ pocket. Aram also joins Red’s pocket. Red literally has the whole team working for him at this point. He’s so cunning; I love it. Yet, he is not undefeatable because this season he gets shot and seriously injured. It was a great episode seeing Red hurt and vulnerable.   

Number six, the episode about poachers getting poached, was cool. Viewers obtained a lot of new information in this one, too. Another episode I thought was interesting was the one with the crazy cult.  

There was a moment where I was getting annoyed with Liz. She somehow manages to always find herself right in the middle of the action but is usually ill-equipped. I was getting tired of how many times Red needed to save her. It was as if she couldn’t do anything successfully without him. Yet, I guess it was building up to her becoming him in a way, and I’ll admit that she does save him a few times.

In the finale, Tom leaves on his boat. Liz gets framed, but she ends up killing Connolly, anyways. I didn’t like that she killed him so out in the open. It felt forced so that the ending would move towards the direction it did. Clearly, Liz becomes a fugitive like Red and recalls her blocked memories. Red tried so hard to keep her safe, but his involvement is what ruins her normal life. It’s hilarious – the more we try to save a situation, the more damage we inevitably cause. Nonetheless, I still feel like this show is lying to me about a lot of things, so I am curious to see how the later seasons will unfold. “The Blacklist” is truly an action-packed and thrilling show. 4/5.