~ Warning! Spoilers! TV Show Review: “Psych” Season 2 (USA Network 2009-2010) ~


Season three is the best in the series so far, so I was excited for what season four would have in stores. This season, there were some fun episodes, but towards the end, it kind of got boring, and I was losing interest. However, the final episode reveals that the Yin Yang killer had an accomplice – a Yin to her Yang if you will. That was dramatic. I appreciated the impressive season finale, and suddenly when I thought “Psych” could no longer hold my attention, I am sucked back in. I will probably watch season five to see what their connection is to Shawn and find out the accomplice’s identity.

Besides this reoccurring serial killer plotline, we also have a not-so three-sided love triangle. Abigail and Shawn are dating and doing well. Juliet is possibly dating other people and has an episode where she reconnects with an old college flame. However, the audience knows the true end game is Juliet and Shawn. Thus, we were all waiting to see how things would end with Shawn and Abigail. I thought it would be over when she decided to leave for another country, but the show brought her back for the season finale and had her break things off because Shawn’s job was putting her life in danger. It was kind of thrilling how Shawn had to pick who to rescue: the femme fatale or girl next door.

Moving on, there was some entertaining stuff this season, including a Bollywood-themed episode, and we find out that Gus was in an acapella group. Shawn’s life was put in grave danger, and viewers saw his father’s training in work. Best of all, there was a special appearance by John Cena, who played Juliet’s military brother who turned rogue for the service. Thus, there were some amusing episodes and content, but around thirteen, everything got dull. Yet, as I said earlier, the season finale was great. I am waiting to see what the connection is and who this killer might be. Also, now with Abigail out of the way, Juliet and Shawn can finally develop some progress; not that I ship them, but their relationship will start dragging.  

Last season got a 3.6. I think 3.5 is a little high for season four. Thus, I will settle for 3.4/5. I shall see you in my review for season five, which will take some time since it’s lower on my list, and I have a lot of other shows to get through.