~ Spoiler Free Korean Movie Review: “Space Sweepers” 승리호/ Seungriho (Netflix 2021) ~


In 2092, Earth is pretty much inhabitable. A company, UTS, has built a new home for humans on a satellite orbit, but only a selected few are able to live there. Most UTS non-citizens find work as space junk collectors. A Korean spaceship, Seungri which means victory in English, accidentally discovers a robot, Dorothy, in the trash they’ve collected. Dorothy is being hunted by the UTS government and terrorist group, Black Fox, because it is a weapon of mass destruction.

According to Wikipedia, the director who is also the screen writer, learned about the dangers of space junk from a friend and decided to write a story as to how Koreans would handle it. This is awesome; I’m glad to see an original story be turned into a movie.

Honestly, I thought the movie was exciting and fun. There was action and some great hand on hand combat. Plus, I truly appreciated the multiculturalism. The plot was well structured, and the characterization was solid. Each crew member had their time to shine and relate to the audience. The strong teamwork and lovable but flawed crew with their individual backstories added an emotional layer to the story. The concept was well executed, and the world was interesting. I read some reviews complaining that this was just another space opera with the same troupes and others criticizing the space/ plot holes. Frankly, these things ever occurred to me. “Space Sweepers” does have its predicable moments, but its acting, cast chemistry, and flow were on point. The space scenes were pretty, even if my boyfriend had some grumblings about it. Overall, I had a grand time watching it which is important to me. “Space Sweepers” was enjoyable. 4/5