~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: Ruin and Rising (The Shadow and Bone/ Grisha Trilogy #3) by – Leigh Bardugo ~


I picked up the first book in this trilogy back in 2018 when I returned to reading and wanted to catch up on all the popular series I had missed. Sadly, I wasn’t a fan of the first book – I only gave it a 2.5/5. Anyways, I pushed through and picked up the second book, which I scored a bit higher at 2.8/5. Because of my lukewarm feelings towards the first and second book, I decided to postpone reading the third book to the point I totally forgot all about it. Now that Netflix has dropped the release date for its live-action adaptation, I thought it was high time I completed this trilogy and began on the subsequent duology.

It was difficult starting Ruin and Rising because I had forgotten a lot, but it ended up not being a big deal because this third book kind of is its own ride. In hindsight, I spent the beginning of the book playing catch up, and then in the middle of the book, I was disappointingly a little bored. The plot moved so slowly with a bit of intrigue. Once the climax hits and there’ war, the story eventually catches my attention. I think the bonds between the main group of characters were well written. I really liked the friendships built, but the romantic relationship was weak.

I don’t think I am the right person to review this final book because of how little I remember from the first two, which set everything up. Thus, let’s skip to the conclusion. Honestly, it was an extremely neat resolution with a beautiful ribbon topping. Everyone gets what they want and a little of what they deserve. Pretty much, it was a happily-ever-after type of finish. Although I thought the ending worked and had no loose ends, it was also too perfect. Really, Mal and Alina can run away and live a normal life running an orphanage under aliases? Truthfully, I think Mal should’ve stayed dead. Everyone, even the villain, had the outcome they wanted. It lowered the impact of the brutal war and high death toll, seeing this impeccable finale. I have nothing else to add: 3/5.