~ Warning! Minor Spoilers! Movie Review: “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” (1997) ~


My sister and I love Cinderella movies, and she swears she has never seen “Cinderella” from 1997. I was appalled because I’m pretty sure we watched it together as kids when we had cable television back in the day. Anyways, I remember it, while my sister claims that this is her first time watching this gem. I have so much appreciation for this film; it was groundbreaking then and now. However, my sister wasn’t impressed. I can’t believe she is unable to grasp the uniqueness and how it was different and new.

Although some of the backdrops looked kind of fake, I still really enjoyed the eccentric and rainbow-bright sets. The outfits were brightly colorful and extravagant. When you combine the clothes and background, there is this layer of cheerfulness being sent out to its audience. The castle and house looked so extra but cool. Furthermore, the vocals are powerful, and the music is fun.

At times, I had issues with the choppy flow, but the overall story was endearing and a tad nostalgic. The reunion after the ball was cute, but there could’ve been more romance added… Towards the end, Whitney Houston, who plays the fairy godmother, steals the show, which is a little weird since the main character is Cinderella. Nonetheless, I got such a happy kick from watching this. The entire cast was amazing, and Jason Alexander, who was in Seinfield, had such great comedic timing. Overall, I was highly entertained. 4/5

Lastly, does anyone miss the thing eyebrows from the ’90s?