~ Warning! Spoilers! Halfway Asian Drama Review: “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” (EP. 1-8) ~


Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) was born with superhuman strength, and by chance, she meets the CEO of a video game company, Ainsoft, Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik). Wanting to be a video game developer, Do Bong Soon gets into an arrangement with CEO Ahn to be his bodyguard and figure out who is blackmailing him. Meanwhile, the neighborhood that Bong Soon lives at is being terrorized, and her childhood friend Gook Doo (Ji Soo) is a detective on the case.


I took so many notes just from the first episode, and most are praises. This drama is great. It’s hilariously funny, eerily mysterious, and endearingly romantic.  I am really enjoying it.

The best part about this drama is how well written the love triangle is. I have seen and read one too many love triangles for me to find them as entertaining as others, but honestly, I like the progression between Bong Soon, Gook Doo, and CEO Ahn. By the way, CEO Ahn and Bong Soon have some of the best on screen chemistry ever. The physical contact during their workout scenes had my hearts doing flips.

Besides the amazing chemistry between all three of the main characters, there is a lot of eye candy going on as well. Gook Doo is cool and handsome. CEO Ahn is playful and good-looking. Bong Soon is just simply adorkable; I love her to death. This actress is immensely talented. I think she really shines in this role. Also, her outfits are spectacular. It fits her character and the actress perfectly.

Also, this drama is freaking hilarious. There are many over the top scenes which remain funny without going past too ridiculous. The timing in this drama is everything. I want to give a special shout out to the gangsters and their over the top boss. Yet, this drama isn’t just all humor. There is actually some dark criminal activity. It’s not just some basic stuff either which I think goes above and beyond the expectations of a romantic comedy. I am in awe particularly at the CCTV reveal. Once again, the timing on this drama is extremely on point.

There were two lines I marked down which I have to mention. One was when CEO Ahn said that Bong Soon is sexy after finding out that she’s supernaturally strong. Wasn’t that out of the ordinary and great? Another one was when Gook Doo told Bong Soon to not go out looking so pretty. It touched my heart, but at the same time, I know he’s not the one for her. He is in love with an imaginary Bong Soon because he doesn’t know the real her. If he continues to not acknowledge the fact that she is strong even with the evidence there, he doesn’t deserve her. The weak Bong Soon he wants to protect which is only a figment of his imagination.

Before I go into my favorite part of these halfway reviews: predictions, I do want to acknowledge the fact that though I think this drama is awesome for showcasing strong woman and having this message of the strong protecting the weak instead of abusing their powers, I am also conflicted by Bong Soon’s parents and their relationship. It is obviously a physically and mentally abusive marriage where the woman is the aggressor. I don’t know if it is trying to show that woman can be abusive and abused, but I did not like how everyone glossed over how badly beaten Bong Soon’s father was with his evident bruised eye. None of the mothers’ friend, Bong Soon, nor Gyeong Shim said a thing or even brought it up though the wounds where visibly there. This reminds me of another problem I have with the mother. Some may say that she is just being a hard parent to Bong Soon, but in the beginning, she was straight up being a degrading bully. That did not sit well with me at all. I know her attitude eventually gets better and later on, Bong Soon confronts her mother about these feelings of feeling less than her twin because of her mother’s obvious bias… I am glad that the mother is trying to be better to her daughter, but that scene which was suppose to win me over, did not. In the end, Bong Soon says she’s simple and accepts the favorite food her mother bought for her and is all cheered up. I am sorry. Years of unwarranted, harsh criticism does not get solved that way.


  1. CEO Ahn and Do Bong Soon are going to end up together. They just have to, and he will find out that she’s the angel his mother sent him that one day riding the bus and fall even more in love. Also, how cliché is it that they have already met in the past?
  2. Do Bong Soon will continue using her powers to protect those in the neighborhood and will have a famous game out with a strong female lead which she hopefully created with CEO Ahn.
  3. Gook Doo will end up alone because he needs time to reflect on his own emotions. He supposedly was in love with someone else while being in a relationship with his cellist girlfriend. Then, he admits to loving Bong Soon when he didn’t even know the real her.
  4. When Gook Doo learns/comes to terms with Bong Soon’s power, it will solidify their friendship especially since she will be in it deep with CEO Ahn by that time.
  5. I don’t want to see Bong Gil and the cellist end up together, but I’m pretty sure they will against my wishes. LOL!
  6. Can poor little Gyeong Shim who went through so much frightening bullshit find someone? I don’t might if it’s random. It can even be CEO Ahn’s secretary.
  7. The psycho will get caught after making a move on Bong Soon. He will almost be successful until both Gook Doo and CEO Ahn come to the rescue, but CEO Ahn will get there first and do more of the rescuing.
  8. I really hope that Bong Soon’s parents will get a divorce, but that’s impossible. I predict that something cute will happen between them and they’ll “rediscover love” which won’t make any sense, to me.
  9. Because of that one heartfelt letter, I have a premonition that Bong Soon’s grandmother will pass away soon.