~ Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” volume 6 by: Naoko Takeuchi ~


        Alright, let’s talk about volume six. Firstly, those colored pages in the beginning are stunning. I love seeing the sailor scouts together like that. They are all so beautiful. Moving on, witches 5 is the prettiest set of villains I have ever seen. Their outfits are sexy and their hairstyles are so creatively unique. However, the addition of giving the witches different levels is highly unnecessary. Plus, how dumb are they? Why do the witches 5 constantly attack one after another? Come on, all the sailor scouts aka guardians know better and fight as a group. It makes them stronger. Everyone can see that. That is why the fighting in this volume comes off too easy and unentertaining. By the way, I don’t want to sound like a strict adult, but I am going to – Usagi is a third year middle school student. That means a freshman in high school to me. Why the freak are a high school freshman’s parents letting their daughter sleep over at a high school boy’s apartment? There are many things about this series that doesn’t make sense, but this had my adult senses shaking its head intensely. Anywho, let’s focus on the positives. One of the best parts about volume six is the introduction of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. I grew up originally watching the American version which watered down their relationship. I look forward to seeing the actual love between Haruka and Michiko. They are both gorgeous and Haruka looks great as both genders. All in all, 3/5.

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