~ Spoiler Free Book Review – Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by: Becky Albertalli ~


Simon Spier is gay, not that anyone else knows except for his secret email pen pal, Blue. Using aliases, the two build a relationship that gets quite flirtatious. Yet, when someone in his school gets a hold of these emails and blackmails Simon with it, Simon is not only worried about him getting outed but also about Blue who obviously isn’t ready. Simon’s junior year of high school just got a whole lot more complicated.


For my booktube-a-thon hyped book pick, I chose Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and I did not regret that decision at all. I think this book totally lives up to its hype. It’s a light, chill, and fun read that one can probably finish in a day or two. I loved all the characters very much except Martin. I know the book tries to redeem him, but he will never win my favor; that’s just my honest opinion. Even though I didn’t like Martin, I still think every single character in this book is so well described and such their… own person. The pop references were amusing especially for someone like me who actively stays updated on pop news and culture. I also appreciated the fact that even though Simon being gay plays a big part in the overall story, the author still manages to illustrate other high school problems in his life. Readers explore the conflicts he has with his friends particularly Leah. Readers also get to witness the adorable relationship he has with his sisters and parents. Plus, I love that through Blue – trying to identify him and realizing his feelings for him, Simon learns and grows as a person and ends up being more caring. I found it absolutely endearing. What a great first love story! Additionally, it was such a joy trying to figure out who Blue is before his reveal. I felt like I caught on pretty quickly. Straying a bit, one thing I find very real about this book is that in high school, friends of the same group do date within that friend group. Do you get what I mean? Anyways, this was a great, pleasurable read besides the very slight lingering bad feeling of Simon being blackmailed because of his sexuality. Overall, I would totally recommend this book and give it a 4.5/5

Lastly, I am now pretty excited for the movie to come out. With that, I finished my first book for booktube-a-thon! YAY!

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