~ Warning! Spoilers! Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 5” by: Naoko Takeuchi ~


If you read my previous reviews for this manga series, you’ll know that I am on a mission to slowly reread all of it this year. I just wrapped up the fifth volume and wanted to share my thoughts. Arguably, this arc is the best one in the series. This volume has some of the most interesting villains, and we get to know more about the awesome, Sailor Pluto. Her backstory is the right amount of sad to make her sacrifice that much more heart wrenching. As for newish cool characters, Saphir really stood out. In a few short pages, he coolly breathes reason and deep thought; although he is a villain, he does what he thinks he has to in order to protect his brother. Another thing I like about this volume is the wonderful Sailor Venus cover. She’s so kickass.

Those are the good points, and here are some so-so parts. I always have problems rereading shoujo I have read in the past because as I get older, I find many of the romance scenes to be overly cheesy instead of swoon worthy. When Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon were explaining why Tuxedo Mask cares so much for chibi-usa leading to Sailor Moon to express for her deep feelings for him, I frankly cringed. The reason, protecting their future daughter, is just too… ridiculous… Previously, I have mentioned that chibi-usa aka Small Lady is my least favorite character. In this volume, my dislike for her grows. Firstly, she’s so weak because she was so easily sucked into the dark side. Is she really her parents’ daughter? Secondly, I can’t believe she kissed her own father, granted her past father, but that’s still utterly gross. Thirdly, I can’t believe she’ll betray her own mother, the queen, because of her own insecurities and need to stake claim in a then soulless Tuxedo Mask. I just can’t with her. What’s wrong with Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion to have raised a daughter like that? Props to chibi-usa for becoming a full fledge guardian, but why did you come back in the end? Why couldn’t you stay in the future? Once again, I want to question Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Also, it’s kind of laughable how useless King Endymion is. What had happened Tuxedo Mask? Sidenote: let’s all be proud of Diana! She deserves the real props.

Lastly, did we get another repeat of Tuxedo Mask who is not under his own control attacking Sailor Moon? Didn’t we already have this story line? Been there, done that, so—

Overall, I am still enjoying this experience of rereading Sailor Moon. As for my rating for this volume, I would probably give it a 3/5.

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