~ Warning! Spoilers! Thoughts on the Wonder Woman Movie ~

            First off, I want to say that this movie was entertaining. I watched it with a group of friends and we all enjoyed it. Viewers got characters they wanted to root for, little reveals here and there, cool music, solid plot, a bit of action, and a beautiful Wonder Woman wearing her awesome outfit. Seriously, that scene of her coming out of the ditch in her Wonder Woman gear was beyond epic. Then, when the fighting location changed and music was added, it was just too cool. Gal Gadot is a gorgeous human being, and she did a great job with this film. All in all, I was impressed. Yes, I do admit that the movie is a bit long. I also was not the biggest fan of how the love between Diana and Steve developed. Thus, I can see how it’s a good movie even a great movie, but I do believe that saying this movie is going to save DC is a bit exaggerated. Anyways, I am looking forward to more Wonder Woman solo projects. In addition, I am excited to the see the Justice League film. Moving forward, I hope writers don’t somehow bring Steve Trevor back. I am going to be upset if that happens. He left in the best way possible for his character and we don’t need a batman ejecting from his seat before the explosion happening. We also don’t need to freeze him and bring him back to present day like Captain America. Don’t mess with Steve Trevor; though his character probably still has stories to tell, moving forward as a franchise, this character is not needed. Also, I don’t want to see Ares anymore. There are many other villains to choose from, so let the one who looks like a poorly designed video game character die. Moving on from thing I hope won’t happen to things that I would like to see. I want Wonder Woman to return to her hometown. I need more Amazonian warrior screen time. In addition, I need to know why she went from wholeheartedly and willingly helping and fighting for the human race to who she was in the beginning of Batman vs. Superman. Lastly, I want to see her Amazonian warrior family join her in some sort of huge battle. Won’t that be awesome? Overall, this movie was entertaining and fun even if it is currently overhyped, I would still recommend it.  wonderwoman gal gadot.jpg