~ Warning! Spoilers! TV Show Review: “Crossing Lines” Season 3 ~


If you’ve read my season one and/or season two reviews for “Crossing Lines”, then you’ll know that I actually liked this show. I was excited to see season three finally on Netflix. However, season three is a huge disappointment, and I merely finished it out of the hope that it would get better… The season begins six months after the team has for some reason disbanded. There are hints that it is due to the possible death of Louis. Therefore, right off the bat, the show lost four main cast members: Louis Daniel (Marc Lavoine), Carl Hickman (William Fichtner), Eva Vittoria (Gabriella Pession), and Richard Flood (Tommy McConnel). None of these disappearances are explained which is disheartening. I mean viewers can guess especially with Carl; he probably just didn’t come back from the US after leaving for there at the end of season two. Now since there is no more Louis, I assume his wife, Rebecca Daniel (Elsa Mollien), is also no longer a part of this show. Including the two deaths from the previous seasons, the show has suffered from an all too drastic cast change. When so many main cast members are no longer a part of the show, is this still “Crossing Lines” or something new?

When it comes to team crime fighting shows, an important aspect of it is the team dynamic. When the team dynamic is no longer there, it loses its watching point. This new team has terribly forced dynamic and tries too hard to create inner conflicts and pairings.

Another important piece in team crime fighting shows is obviously the crime fighting. Now, I have a question: did the show change writers? Because, the crimes this season are weak and the plot twists are so predictable. My least favorite episode was the one about the teenage school girl getting shot in a held up school bus. Oh gosh, I saw the ending right after the show started. It was one of the earlier episodes of this season which is a bummer because it doesn’t start the season off right.

Let’s talk about the new characters. You have the new independent female leader who is kind and tough. You have your ticking time bomb who is great at his job but is on the team for ulterior motives and can go rogue any minute. There is also the new handsome boy which we don’t know much about. Side-note: I hate his contrived story line with Arabela. Lastly, we have the cute, new novice. I don’t understand why she doesn’t wear her shoes and doesn’t she look like Elle Fanning? Anyways, as the inexperienced and youngest one on the team, she is suppose to teach viewers while she herself is learning and will show the rawest emotions since she isn’t jaded yet. However, there wasn’t enough of that. All the new characters are pretty mediocre.

One of the reasons why I liked the show previously was because of the diversity in language, location, characters, and back-story. I miss the language diversity because there seems to be less in season three. I also miss characters coming from polarizing backgrounds because of the new characters are so basic. Everything is so bland this time around. The episodes lack suspense since everything wraps up so nicely. Two prime examples are the polonium episode and CLV one. There was also one episode with the journalist which spelled everything out instead of letting viewers think which is not fun.

One thing I do respect the show for trying to do is bring light to plotlines about racial tensions and conservative parties/politicians along with their supporters. These stories are especially important in this day and age. Racial tension is a serious issue and I enjoyed that the craziness of sports and sports fanatics was tied into it. Yet, instead of committing to this theme, the plot twist was that it wasn’t about race but actually about rigging games for illegal sports gambling. It was the same with the episode about right wing Romanian party. It was suppose to be all political, but then it wasn’t. What can I say, the show tried, right?

In conclusion, to me, “Crossing Lines” has lost its original spark and charm. There was nothing about season three which got me excited for a season four it there is one. Sadly, I am finished with the show.

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