~ Warning! Spoilers! Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” Volume 4 By: Naoko Takeuchi ~


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Let’s get straight into it. I have a love/hate relationship with volume four. There are a lot of raw and strong emotions which is great to read and see. We witness the bond of friends (Sailor Guardians aka Scouts), blossoming love (Sailor Jupiter and Moto-kun), jealousy (Sailor Moon and Small Lady), and the power of one’s heart (Legendary Silver Crystal). It’s obvious that many things are happening in this volume which is awesome plot wise. We also get to finally meet Sailor Pluto who deserves immense respect. Plus, isn’t it just endearing that we meet Sailor Moon’s future self and learn that she grows up to be such a great queen? Now that I have talked about the positive points, let’s dive into the things that didn’t sit well with me. I have mentioned previously that I don’t like Small Lady’s character at all. I find it completely wrong that she falls in love with her father’s past self knowingly. How is that not weird? I also dislike that Sailor Moon continues being jealous of Small Lady after finding out she is her own daughter. I already didn’t like her being jealous of a young girl from the start. Come on, she’s an elementary school student; why are you even calling her a woman? Then, after discovering Small Lady is her future daughter, she is still unable to trust Tuxedo Mask to stay faithful… I don’t get it, do you? Therefore, even though the plot moves forward in grand lengths with time traveling and planet destroying, the main love story irks me to pieces. This second band of villains is definitely more interesting and more complex than the first, so I am looking forward to reading volume five. With all of this said, can you see my dilemma with this volume? That is why I have a love/hate relationship with it. 3.5/5   1057389