~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: The Mortal Instruments City of Lost Souls (Book 5) by: Cassandra Clare ~


After hearing all the great reviews about “The Dark Artifices” series, I decided it was time to finally finish “The Mortal Instruments” series in order to move on and hopefully start reading Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. I know before this, I also need to complete “The Infernal Devices” series. I am slowly getting there, but I wish I was faster. I wonder if I need to read any of the companion novels before starting Lady Midnight… Tell me in the comments below if you are up to date on ‘The Shadowhunter Chronicles’ and in what order did you read the books.

Anyways, so last month, I finally finished reading City of Lost Souls and if I can be honest, I didn’t really like it all that much. Clary was getting on my last nerve with how immature she is and how nothing matters but Jace. Her relationship with him is not swoon-worthy and I do not ship them one bit. I also did not like how Maia and Jordan were just thrown into a relationship, just because they had history, and it’s not even good history. Are there any portrays of a good, healthy, and solid relationships in this series? In City of Lost Souls, we learn that Robert Lightwood cheated on Maryse. Then, Jocelyn admits to possibly already having feelings for Luke without even realizing it on the day of her wedding with Valentine. Did I read that wrong? Well, I have to admit that Jocelyn and Luke would probably be the only example of a decent relationship so far in this series if it wasn’t for the fact that Luke obviously loves Jocelyn more. Maybe, I am being too judgmental. Anyways, in the end, Magnus breaking up with Alec hurt, but at that same time, that relationship has some major issues. I hope that they will be able to make amends, but Alec considering taking Magnus’s immortality away and being jealous all the time thinking about how his now ex-boyfriend slept with everyone is not cool. Everyone has a past, and Magnus along with Alec need to work on their communication skills if they are to ever get back together. Then, there’s Izzy and Simon. I like them, I really do, and I appreciate the slow progression. It makes sense especially since readers learn how much distrust Izzy carries in her heart. Also, Izzy grew quite a bit in this book. Yes, her immature teenage side came out sometimes, but she somehow rose to the occasion to become the voice of reason, most of the time. She is definitely the redeeming factor of this book and my favorite character.

A huge problem I have with this book is how rape-y it got. Not-Jace wanted to have sex with Clary so bad, but she wanted Jace and not not-Jace. I was really turned off when drugged up not-Jace was forcing himself on a high and hallucinating Clary at the club. Next, there was that fight between Sebastian and Clary where Sebastian declares his incestual love for her, discusses how he could fell Jace taking her virginity, and unbuttons her pants. I am grossed out by incestual love and try to avoid that plot completely. Initially, I was glad to learn that Jace is not actually Clary’s brother by blood, but then her actual brother by blood, Sebastian, wants her in that way as well… I so badly wanted to check out.

In addition, since the introduction of Camille, her character was built up to be so villainous. I was really looking forward to see her wreck havoc after the death of Valentine. However, readers learn that Maureen killed her in a fight which we do not even get to witness. I am hoping Camille is not actually dead because there is not enough information for me to care about Maureen being the next wicked vampire.

Though there were many parts of this book which I did not enjoy such as the main characters, relationships, and incestual plot, I did like something else besides Izzy. I took pleasure in learning more about Sebastian and his two face ways. The extra pages at the end of how he became Sebastian were quite interesting. Though I had no doubt he was bad, I like how the author wanted to trick us into uncertainty and then uncover he is more than bad, but truly evil by nurture. Listening to his explanations about other characters such as Jocelyn, Valentine, and Clary gave the book a different vibe. I liked it.

Overall, even though I did not enjoy the book as much as I was hoping to, there were intriguing bits and pieces. I’ll give it a 3/5.

I heard that the sixth book is just as good as the third book, so I am looking forward to reading the conclusion and hopefully, it will help me love this series more. Additionally, I think it was a great idea that the show aged the characters. Once I am done with the sixth book, I might finish up the second half of season two. By the way, if you are interested in my reviews for the previous books, here are the links.
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