Last month, I celebrated my one year anniversary with WordPress. I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a year already. I started this blog in the hopes of sharing my opinions and creative writing pieces. I haven’t shared much of my creative writing because I kind of jumped from short stories to attempting to write a novel. Wish me luck! Anyways, in celebration of my one year anniversary, I decided to do a quick 25 facts about me.

25 Facts about Lil’V

  1. Birthday: April 12th
  2. Home: USA
  3. Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese
  4. Hobbies: reading, writing, binge-watching, sleeping
  5. Eye Color: brown
  6. Hair Color: jet black
  7. Glasses?: Yes!
  8. Siblings: 2 (middle child here)
  9. Cell phone: iPhone
  10. Laptop: ASUS
  11. Countries I have traveled to: Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea
  12. Next Travel Location: hopefully, somewhere in Europe
  13. Music Genre: pop
  14. Reading Genre: either fantasy or contemporary
  15. TV Show Genre: crime fighting
  16. Movie Genre: romantic comedies
  17. Pet peeve: people who shake their legs when they’re sitting (aka my brother)
  18. Favorite color: blue (all shades of it)
  19. Favorite Curse Word: SHIT! (because there’s good shit and bad shit LOL)
  20. Catchphrases: “Are you shitting me?” and “Stuuupid”
  21. Favorite Facial Feature: Eyebrows
  22. Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
  23. Favorite Season: Fall
  24. Favorite animal(s): dogs and monkeys
  25. Random: I hate tomatoes especially cherry tomatoes, but I love ketchup.

Comment below a fact about yourself!