Firstly, I want to say that I currently have a long queue for blog posts, so even though these songs are new right now, they might not be when this opinion piece finally publishes. With that out of the way, I have a confession: I love girl groups! I think they are awesome and I wish Western music fostered more girl groups like the Asian music industry, but that’s just me getting sidetracked. Back on point, I have been a fan of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony since the beginning, and both groups released new tracks: “Power” and “Down” respectively.  For kicks, let’s break down the two songs and their music videos to see which I like better.

Little Mix’s new song, “Power” featuring Stormzy is another female empowerment dance track from the power house vocal group. It’s lively and high energy. Also, the vibrant and colorful music video is a pleasure for one’s eyes as each girl works with a different concept. I think it’s inspiring that in a female empowerment song, they included their mothers and a trio of drag queens. I absolutely love the music video, but the song needs more time for it to grow on me. I’m sorry, but I’ve never enjoyed songs that sounds as if a bunch of different tracks came together to create this one song. It usually confuses me and most of the time, I only like one small part and become upset when it changes to something I no longer recognize. I know it’s weird, but that’s how I feel about these types of songs. Anyways, I like Jesy’s rap and the way she ends of the song. It’s fun and enjoyable for listeners to try to mimic it. Truthfully, Little Mix is quite fashionable as a whole even though each girls’ style is completely different – they complement each other well. Often times, they have great music videos and great songs. I am not saying that “Power” isn’t an amazing song. I’m sure its multiple parts will grow on me soon enough, but candidly, this is one of the weaker songs on this album. In the end, it’s not my type of music but fabulous music video.

Fifth Harmony’s newest song, “Down” featuring Gucci Mane was something I was highly anticipating. This is their comeback after Camila’s departure, as a four. With Camila’s now pretty successful solo career, I wanted to see Fifth Harmony bring it and drop some heat. However, “Down” is honestly like every other song they’ve released besides their debut. It’s sadly just another repetitive club track. In addition, with Fifth Harmony growing up and maturing, I was expecting them to have more creative control over their image. However, their terrible stylist is still giving them ugly outfits. I want these girl so badly to look good during their live performances and music videos but they often look like they are wearing badly made, trashy outfits. It especially doesn’t help since this music video’s setting is in a motel. Come on, can Fifth Harmony please hire new stylists? I was expecting something new and powerful from these girls to show to the world that they can make it as a foursome. I don’t think this song will do poorly on the charts. It’s like their other songs which means it will do well enough. However, it offers nothing new to the table which is depressing for a long time supportive fan like me. Possibly, my expectations were too high, but I believe high expectations were warranted this time.  In the end, I know I will like “Down” because it’s similar to all their other songs, but it doesn’t mean the song didn’t disappoint. Also, the music video was just meh. I rather listen to “Strangers” by Halsey featuring Lauren.

To sum it up, it’s a tie. I have giving ties, but it is what it is. Little Mix and Fifth Harmony Power v Down.png

Comment below which song and music video you like more and tell me what song you are currently repeating. I love adding new songs to my playlist.   

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