~ Spoiler Free Movie Review: “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” (2017) ~


Two overly imaginative elementary school students/pranksters named George and Harold, hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s the ridiculously dim-witted superhero they created named Captain Underpants.


I purely wanted to watch this movie for childhood nostalgia, and for that reason alone, there is no way I was going to dislike this movie. It’s cute, funny, and witty. The animation is decent though I don’t like the overly high-def look of a 3D movie not watched in 3D. Honestly, it was a solid family film.

This movie seems to follow the source material quite closely which made me and probably others who’ve read the books as a kid really happy. I enjoyed the flip-book sequence a lot. That was definitely one of the best parts of the movie, for me. Although there was an overflowing amount of plot jumbled together, I thought that the movie did a good enough job tying it all up in the end especially with this one being the first introduction; it presents the story and characters adequately for any films that will follow. Plus, the cast is awesomely talented.

I have to admit that there was quite a bit of explaining happening which did get boring. However, there was still some great slapstick humor. I definitely laughed out loud a few times. Additionally, the soundtrack doesn’t sound half bad. I appreciated the “Captain Underpants theme song”.

By the way, there is a bonus scene in the middle of the cool credits. So, remember to stay for that. It was a fine touch.

Lastly, I went and watched this movie with my sister, cousin, and aunt. My aunt thought it was boring. However, the rest of us thought it was decently funny and entertaining. (This type of humor isn’t for everyone.) 3.5/5