~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: Good Boy (WAGS #1) by: Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy ~


WAGS is spinoff series from the HIM duology and Good Boy is the first book. Good Boy is about Jessica, Jamie’s sister, and Blake, Wesley’s teammate. After hooking up once, Jessica is certain that there will not be a second time. She needs to focus. She already has the reputation as the family screw up and changing life plans by deciding to go to nursing school at 25 means there is no room to screw up. That’s why there will be no second time with Blake.


I honestly picked this book up hoping for more Jamie and Wesley, and it was nowhere near enough. I wished there was more of my favorite couple, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the main love story. Jessica and Blake ended up being really cute, and Blake sounds fucking fine. However, he did irk me quite badly in the beginning. He was too pushy, and it was kind of borderline harassment. Nope, let’s be real! It was romanticizes harassment. Unsolicited dick pics and unclear consent believed by the man to be ‘playing hard to get but she wants me’ is totally not cool. Their romance changes tune later on and I begin to warm up to their push and pull relationship though it’s mostly Blake pulling and Jessica pushing. Yet, I am still unable to forget the earlier overly aggressive Blake. I think the redeeming factor of this particular book is the bond of family and friends. The Riley’s especially Mama Riley is so entertaining with her big personality and seeing how the WAGS interact along with how they accept Jamie and welcome Jessica is so freaking nice. I have talked about this in my previous reviews, but the Canning clan sounds like an awesome family. Therefore, I wanted to see Blake get grilled by all the Canning siblings as Jessica’s boyfriend, but we sadly do not get that scene. It’s not fair. Jessica gets to be introduced to Blake’s family as his girlfriend in person; there should be a vice versa. Moving on, I went into this book with pretty low expectations and though it did bug me at times, it also entertained me. It wasn’t perfect and has some problematic points, but I love the writing combo that is Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. The two of them create some hot magic. Therefore, I would give Good Boy a 3/5.

By the way, I am so excited to read Stay (WAGS #2). Already introduced to the depressed divorcee, Matt Eriksson, I am looking forward to reading about his happy ending. He deserves it because he seems like such a great guy. The synopsis seems interesting and the way the two characters meet sounds unique. I cannot wait till it comes out next month.


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PS: The whole kiss turn cunnilingus reminds me of a movie. Is it “Cruel Intentions”?