~ Warning! Spoilers! TV SHOW REVIEW: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 4 ~


Season four was highly entertaining. It started off with my favorite pair spending some quality time with each other: Captain Holt and Jake. Then, it tackled real/serious issues while maintaining its humor such as with the episode that dived into racial profiling. That was probably my most favorite episode this season. I am also extremely glad that Amy and Jake are nothing like those TV couples who after finally getting together constantly break up. This show is staying consistently good. Captain Holt and Jake PeraltaOne of the reasons why I love this show so much is the deep and fun office bond. I love watching how all the co-workers interact with one another, and this is the first time viewers get to see best friends, Scully and Hitchcock, engage in a minor and humorous scuffle. Also, is Hitchcock get weirder this season (in reference to his dialogue)? Scully & HitchcockOn this show, Terry is already a father to twin girls. Boyle adopted a son this season. Now, Gina is giving birth to a Boyle! That was extremely random, and I wonder if it is probably because the actress in real life is pregnant. Anyways, I am excited to see her character become a mother. It will be interesting if the kids can all get together for a play date or something.


My favorite character, Captain Holt, really shines this season. The introduction of his mother was perfect. He also had some great interaction with Terry (the toy trains) and Amy (her pen). Personally, I would like to see a few more scenes with him and his husband. Captain Ray HoltOne of the best things about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the way each season ends. The final two episodes are always so intense plot wise and leave viewers wanting more. I am not a fan of cliff hangers for a season finale, but this show always ends with such great conflict and danger pertaining to the characters. I look forward to season five and I cannot wait to see what will happen to Jake and Diaz.   b99-420_sca4_jpf0026_f_hires2