~ Warning! Spoilers! Movie Review: “Train to Busan” (2016) ~


A zombie virus breaks out in South Korea and passengers on a train going to Busan from Seoul has to fight to survive.


I am not a fan of zombie movies at all, but I have been wanting to watch “Train to Busan” for a while now because of Gong Yoo. If you read my ‘Everything K-Drama Tag’ post, then you might already know that Gong Yoo is my all time favorite Korean actor. I’ll link the post below if you want to check it out later. Anyways, my friends and I finally made time to watch it last night especially since it can now be watched on NETFLIX.

For someone who does not watch zombie movies, I have to say that “Train to Busan” was a good introduction this genre. Overall, it was a solid film, and I enjoyed it with my friends. I thought it would be a horror movie which I do not work well with, but there is none of that ridiculous pop out scare you scenes and eerie music. I appreciated that very much. Therefore, I would recommend this zombie movie even to people who don’t like horror movies or zombie movies.

I am now going to head into spoilers. As a huge Gong Yoo fan, I was honestly hoping that he would survive. My friends and I were placing bets. I knew the pregnant lady would survive because she and her new baby represented a new hope. The little girl obviously had to survive to show that innocence remains intact. I wanted Gong Yoo to survive for personal reasons, but him sacrificing himself at the end made sense. I would have been so mad if the military people shot the pregnant lady and little girl dead because then there wouldn’t have been a point to watch. Well, they didn’t die, and it made me realize that the writer(s) really knew how to end things. The conclusion was very fitting. I wish the baseball boy didn’t give up in the end like that… By the way, did anyone else feel as though it was like a video game leveling up when they were going through the train from car nine to thirteen and eventually getting kicked off at fifteen. I’m still upset that they got kicked off. The asshole character deserved a way worse ending; he was fucking people over even after he turned. He needed his comeuppance. I wanted to see him get hurt really badly, possibly get decapitated in a seriously gruesome way. The best part of this movie besides a complete ending is the well written characterization. Each character fell into place and played their roles perfectly. At times, I don’t understand how the zombies can be so dumb and then go make a smart move, but it’s no big deal.

In the end, it was an entertaining film with fantastic characters/characterization and an appropriate ending. Plus, there’s the awesome Gong Yoo. 4/5


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