~ Warning! Spoilers! Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Volume 4) By: Naoko Takeuchi ~


In volume three of Sailor Moon, our beloved sailor scouts face off with Queen Metalia and defeat her. Rereading this as an adult, I find that the plot is quite fast paced, maybe too fast paced. There definitely could have been more time spent battling each villain especially when it’s the big boss. I think in terms of pacing, the anime in my opinion is better. Since this is a reread and I have seen the anime already, it’s not a big deal. Anyways, readers are introduced to a new band of villains now. I actually prefer this second villain boss and his followers more, so I look forward to the chaos they will cause. In this third book, the cheese meter is off the charts. How can it not when you get this quote: “The princess awoke to the prince’s kiss.” There are other cheesy moments, but it’s all in cute fun. I’m glad that the story is slowly introducing the other sailor scouts more and showing off their skills, personality, and school life. I kind of like the other guardians more than Sailor Moon. Readers are also meeting other new characters such as their classmates which I enjoy since there is this whole bit about them being ‘normal’ students in this new life. So, Chibi-Usa aka ‘Small Lady’ has made her appearance. I feel bad as an adult saying this, but I did not like her character at all and found her utterly annoying. Maybe revisiting her character as an adult, my opinions might possibly change… though I doubt it. Overall, I would give this third volume 3.5/5. With that said, I will see you all in my volume 4 review, and until then, you can read my reviews for the previous volumes.

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