~ Warning! Spoilers! Criminal Minds Season 12 (second-half) REVIEW ~ lg_news_criminal_minds


I just finished season twelve of “Criminal Minds”, and I really want to discuss the second half of this season. Overall, this latest season has been a bit of a let down. Obviously, there has been some cast changes which put a damper on the show. At first, I was excited to hear Jane Lynch and Shemar Moore were coming back. However, Derek Morgan did not make an appearance to help his boy, Reid out, and I genuinely thought that would be the reason why. He just came back to deliver a message and that was about it. The moment he had with Penelope was quite sweet. She obviously needed the encouragement, but why is this Garcia-Alvez thing being pushed down our throats so hard?

The main plot of the second half of season 12 (Reid being in prison) was not entertaining to me at all. I complained from the moment Reid was put in to the moment he got out. I was happy when he finally got out of prison because let’s be real: it was just dragging on unnecessarily. I know Reid being in prison was a test to his moral and ethics and viewers had to fear and question our beloved character. However, I just found it absolutely annoying. Plus, it seemed as though Reid wanted to purposefully get himself hurt. He’s my favorite character and watching the show build suspense by constantly putting him in harm’s way was irritating.
Penelope handing in her resignation letter was so random but made so much sense. Emotionally and sensitivity wise, she’s the baby of the group. Honestly, if Kirsten Vangsness and Matthew Gray Gubler left the show, I would stop watching “Criminal Minds” in a heartbeat. Also, since Kirsten is a writer for the show and her character mentioned leaving the team for good, I wonder how Kirsten currently feels about the show and is it a hint from her wanting to move on… Also, does anyone enjoy the bickering between Penelope and Alvez? It’s on and off for me. 160926-news-criminal-minds
Wow! Aubrey Plaza is back on the show. I did not see this coming. It was a good shock. Previously, I thoroughly enjoyed her character’s interaction with Reid. That was a fun episode. Bringing back Cat was a good game changer. It made something stale finally become interesting because I did not care for Lindsey. I thought it was lame that she decided not to bomb everything in the end, but we needed the season to end safely so the team can once again annoyingly chase after Scratch.

Recently, I finished rewatching the entire first season of “Criminal Minds” on Netflix and realized how much better the show was in the past. It was more psychological and way more gripping. I loved it. It’s hard to admit it, but I think the show has lost its spark. It extremely saddening for me to say this as a long time fan of the show, but I think it’s time. It’s time the show wrap up. I can only hope that it will be a good send off instead out an out of the blue ax.