~ TV show Review: “Bones” Season 12 Episode 12 (The Final Chapter: The End in the End) [CBS] ~


Firstly, I appreciated the fact that this show got an actual final season instead of getting axed, leaving viewers hanging. Now, I can’t believe it is truly over. I have spent so many years watching this show, and it has finally come to an end… I still don’t think it’s real. Overall, the last episode was a solid finale and had so many great throwback moments. All the interns were together which was absolutely adorable. The cherry on the top was being able to see the main cast and their strong love for one another. There were many heart melting moments. Looking back, this was a fabulous finale, and I have else to add. So, here are some things I noted.

  1. Oh boy, how daring of episode 11 to end with the bombing the Jeffersonian! That was so crazy, and I was not expecting it. However, it brought on a fitting end.
  2. I was happy to see Cam and Arastoo tie the knot, and of course, the drama would start at their wedding ceremony.
  3. When I heard that Brennan could no longer process complex information, I got so sad. Is Brennan still Brennan if she’s no longer smart? Then, viewers get the whole memory scene with each intern and I honestly wanted to tear up. It has been a pleasure watching her character grow. She is more than just her smarts.
  4. I cared so much more about the main characters and their relationships that I was paying no attention to Kovac at all, but it’s not a bad thing. Usually, if a villain is forgettable, it makes for bad entertainment. Yet, this last episode isn’t about Kovac but the important peeps. #fanservice
  5. OMG! I did not see that sister/wife thing coming. Did anyone?
  6. I get that Brennan has to do one more scene where she ignores Booth’s order and follows anyways, but it doesn’t seem like proper protocol at all especially with her holding that gun.
  7. What happens to a sniper who can’t use his hand and a scientist who can’t use her brain? I imagine the cheesiest of endings for them where they ride off in the sunset and heal each other with love because their profession does not define them. Alright, I’ll stop because they both get better and it’s still cute.
  8. LOL! That Kovac death was such overkill.
  9. Of course Aubrey isn’t leaving. That was so obvious. Also, can I just say that I liked him more with this quirky psychologist than with the brainy intern. YAY for the prospect of a new relationship that I actually ship!
  10. Damnit, the whole cleaning up personal items from a blown up Jeffersonian hit hard in the feels. This final episode came packing in the feels department.
  11. AWWW! Cam is adopting three boys, three teenage brothers. Oh gosh, I have always loved this show for discussing the topic of fostered/adopted children.
  12. LMAO! “King of the Lab” had to come into play. Of course! ; )
  13. Ending with Booth and Brennan – that’s how it’s suppose to be. Thank you.
  14. The shout-out for Sweets was touching.
  15. Man, I wished Parker could have made a real appearance, but the child actor did get replaced by an older actor which really threw me off when it happened…
  16. Wait! What is the significance of 447 to the show?
  17. Questions which will never be answered: Will Angela give birth to a baby boy and will the baby boy be blind? Did Cam’s daughter get the job? What will Wendell do? How will the reconstructed Jeffersonian look like? What are Zach’s plans after jail? Oh gosh, so many questions, but there will never be any answers.
  18. Thank you Bones for being such an awesome show.