~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: Royally Screwed (Royally Series #1) By: Emma Chase ~


This book is a modern-day, sexy Cinderella story – one snowy day, Nicholas Pembrook, the strikingly handsome Crowned Prince of Wessco, walks into Amelia, a small mom and pop café in Manhattan by chance. In his drunken state, he flirtatiously propositions the beautiful owner, Olivia Hammond, for sex and ends up getting pie on his face. He returns the next day in his sober state and apologizes. Now he can’t stop imaging how delicious she would taste, and she can’t stop staring at his hot body.


I read a list of recommended authors who write sexy tales, and Emma Chase’s name showed up on that list. Looking up the books she has written, I was really captivated by the cover of Royally Screwed. Is that not one heck of an inviting cover? Anyways, I was really looking forward to reading this book. Honestly, “The Prince and Me” is one of my favorite romance movies. Plus, I enjoy love stories involving leads from different social classes especially if one is from a royal background. With all this bubbling anticipation, Royally Screwed totally delivered. Emma Chase is an amazing author and can write male POVs really well. The banter between the two main characters is so witty and sexy. That’s the kind of smart and funny banter I enjoy dearly. Furthermore, the love and passion between Nicholas and Olivia seems so real, just such great description. The sexy time was definitely hot and heavy. Truthfully, I was shocked at how glued to the book I was; I did not want to stop reading – it was truly enthralling. I have so much love for the side characters. Each and every one of them is so distinct in their personalities and utterly lovable. By the way, I thought it was clever that Bippity supplies Olivia a dress for the first date. Is that not a Cinderella reference? Also, did Prince Harry inspire Prince Henry? Hmm… Questions aside, this book was fabulous even though I could have done with a bit more separation sadness. I felt that part could have been stretched out a bit more to really dive into the whole ‘I can’t live without you’ emotion before hitting that happy ending. In addition, I would have liked a little less POV change, but it’s not necessary. Overall, 4.5/5.

Since this book is so awesome, I am seriously looking forward to reading the next two. This first book set everything up so well and built up such excitement inside me. You might already know: this is a trilogy (Royally series) where each book stars a different couple; therefore every novel can be read as a standalone. The second book is going to feature Prince Henry, Prince Nicholas’s little brother, and the third one is going to be about Ellie, Olivia’s little sister. At first, I thought Prince Henry and Ellie would make an interesting pair, but obviously that would not work. We can’t have both princes forgoing their rights to the throne to marry an American commoner. Readers did learn that Prince Marcus (next in line) is an imbecile. (LOL) Also, we didn’t get introduce to the quirky, book-loving Sarah for no reason. (I too love the way physical books smell.) However, I do have a confession: I am way more excited about Ellie than Prince Henry. First off, how cute is it that the first time they met, she was wearing her Spongebob slippers commenting on his tie? Secondly, they had a whole summer of working with each other in the café alongside funny Marty and flirty Tommy. Some spark must have developed during that time. I can totally see energetic Ellie and serious Logan having a super entertaining love story. By the way, we totally need to see more of Marty and Esmeralda in these next two books. Does Marty hook up with the Queen’s personal secretary, Christopher? Will Esmeralda find her girl? Who knows but one thing is for sure, I am super excited for the next books.