~ Warning! Spoilers! Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Vol. 2) by: Naoko Takeuchi ~

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There’s a huge jump from volume one to volume two because in this book, the girls quickly recall their old memories/previous life. The story becomes more fast-paced and complicated/deep. I think it’s good. I enjoyed the tie-ins and links to the solar system and gems. This volume does get a bit dark when we find out that Princess Serenity committed suicide after Prince Endymion died from rescuing her. Their original love story ended tragically, so I’m glad they get another chance even though it’s not going so smoothly right now. Since the plot thickens in this second volume, I do think it’s more interesting than the first. However, the first one is obviously necessary since it sets up the plot. Actually, I put the first and second volumes next to each other and found that the second volume is a bit thicker than the first. Anyways, I’m excited for the third volume. I think it’s in that one where things get better for Usagi and Mamoru (if I remember correctly). On a side note, I appreciated the colored pages in the beginning. They are so beautiful. The girls’ outfits are so nice and look so much better in color. Also, this is probably my favorite cover since Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury is my favorite guardian. Lastly, it might just be me, but I never understood Sailor Venus’ beaded “waist belt”. None of the others girls have this awkward fashion accessory. I prefer the crazy glasses more because at least it can provide cover and humor.  Plus, the name of this “chain/whip” is so tacky. In addition, it doesn’t help that I’m still scarred from when my friend referred it to looking like “certain” beads. In conclusion, I’ll see you in my review for volume three.