~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin by: Sarah J Maas ~


I just finished this book about an hour ago, and while it’s fresh on my mind. I want to type up my thoughts about it quickly. I might come back in a few days and do a more in depth and full review, but right now, it will just be quick rants and the sharing of notes I took while reading.

I have been dying to read this book after finishing A Court of Mist and Fury. I pre-ordered it, and though the book arrived late, I read it as soon as I could. The cover is stunning, but I hate bible thin pages. Anyways, possibly because the second book was so amazing (that it made me felt like I have to go back and lower my five star review for the first book), ACOWAR… I felt… just didn’t bring it fully. Don’t get me wrong – I still eagerly plowed through it, and there were some parts that really grabbed me, but it fell short of the build up… Alright, let’s move on from this non-spoiler section.

In the beginning, I thought Feyre’s dialogue/thoughts were a bit repetitive. It was all revenge this, home that, more revenge fantasies, more home memories, and so on. I was so glad when she and Rhysand finally reunited, and the plot started going somewhere. That was good, but then, this third book started throwing out some new information about different characters from out of nowhere, not giving readers any heads up. Instead of this whole got’cha, I hid this well-know secret from you… was more like let’s randomly dump new information about these well-liked secondary characters (most likely because there will be companion novellas about these characters).

Therefore, who the hell saw Lucien being Helion’s son coming? If you did, I swear you have some clairvoyant skills or something because this fact truly appeared from thin air. In the end, I can accept this. However, this next one straight up threw me off so bad. After introducing some LGBT characters such as High Lord of Dawn aka Thesan, High Lord of Day aka Helion, and Nephelle, readers can assume that the characters in this world are mostly LGBT-friendly since no one reacts differently to these characters. Therefore, I cannot understand why Mor feels the need to hid her sexuality from her supposed tight-knit family and continue to string poor Az around. It’s just too much. This whole emotional coming-out talk with Feyre felt like such a forceful scheme to move readers. Well, it failed with me.

Back to the beginning real fast, did anyone else think it was a cop out that Az and Cassion miraculously got better after Hybern though they were so badly injured? Also, how could Tamlin not touch Feyre intimately after her return? The book tried too hard to make sure Feyre would not cheat on her mate, so everything was just nicely explained. Everyone gets to go back and start over at fine. It’s okay now because everything and everyone needs to be for the upcoming big war.

As for more thoughts about Cassian getting hurt, there was this constant foreshadowing that he was going to die and/or lose his wings, so what happened? Is Elain just a crappy seer? Is Cassian actually a cat with nine lives? (JK) This is war, but you’re going to tell me that no one major actually dies or suffer from any permanent damage. What kind of brutal war where the odds were against them were they fighting? We almost get two major deaths: Amren and Rhys, but then they all up being brought back? What kind of perfect fantasy world is this? Okay, I am happy that these beloved characters didn’t actually die, but come on, I felt like I wasted those brief moments of sadness over nothing. No one dies and no one gets hurt. All the foreshadowing was a lie and all the pretending this was a losing war, well it’s just pretend. By the way, how come Rhys returns from the dead with no changes or side-effects when Feyre and Amren changed?

I need to wrap up my thoughts and go to bed already. So, let’s see… I knew Jurian was a mole, so I was only waiting for the reveal just like I was waiting for Tamlin’s redemption which was promised to readers. I honestly thought Tamlin was going to die and that would be his redemption, dying for the cause. Yet, he was actually secretly trying to and failing at playing both side, and becomes decent by wishing Feyre, happiness. BS!

SIDENOTE: I recently watch the newest King Kong movie: “Skull Island”.  After Hybern attacked the library, Amren went on the hunt and was said to be the monster which protects Velaris from the evil, dangerous monsters. The people there live with this understanding which reminded me of the movie. Also, maybe cause I’m dumb or because I haven’t read the author’s other books, but I had to search up online what Amren actually is.

Therefore, to sum it up, the book was entertaining, but it’s beginning and ending was lackluster. Everything was swept together for a happy ending which I could not fall for. It didn’t match up to the previous books and that is solely my opinion. I will still look forward to the accompanying novellas though because I need to finally see Cassian and Nesta get together and have some steamy sex. In addition, I want Az and Elain to get together and severe her mate bond with Lucien. I don’t care much for Lucien. Yes, he is fiercely loyal and that’s a great trait, but he is also blindly loyal. I hope he finds out about his real father which will hopefully help him find his place/home. It’s not with Elain because it’s obvious she and Az will be together (I hope). Lucien can end up with Vassa if he likes. They talk and she will definitely show up in the novellas because her curse needs to be broken and she is the only the only ‘good’ queen, so she will play a heavy role in this ‘new/rebuilding’ world.
Lastly, I want to leave you with this final question: why do all these Faeries bed the ones they don’t love and stay away from the one they do?

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