About a month ago, I finished watching the Chinese television series 三生三世十里桃花 (Eternal Love). This show has impacted me so much that I am still living in it. I still listen to its OST and watch cast interviews and variety show appearances. I am not ready to let it go, and today, I decided to give the movie adaptation trailer a watch. I already knew there was a movie version being made while watching the show. I don’t understand how a TV show and movie based off the same book can be released within the same year, but it’s happening. China is making it happen. Anyways, I have such a soft spot for Yang Mi and Mark Chao as the main characters that I don’t know if I can accept new people playing them so soon. However, I want to give this movie a chance, so let’s watch the trailer.

Alright, I just watched the trailer. My initial thought is: WOW! Of course a movie is going to have a bigger budget for special effects. I was blown away, and OMG! Zhu Xian Tai isn’t just some random pot hole on the floor, but it’s own freaking place! Alibaba Pictures must be filthy rich. By the way, Yang Yang is a cutie, but with his young age, I wonder if he can pull off the role of Mo Yuan. He will probably do Ye Hua justice, but Mo Yuan has this ancient respectability and seniority about him which might require an actor who doesn’t look quite so young. As for Crystal Liu, she is a real life goddess. Since the first time I laid eyes on her, I immediately saw her as an all around beauty. once_upon_a_time_282017_film29_posterI know she has the looks and grace to play a female deity. She possibly possess the playfulness to act out Si Yin and the innocence to play Su Su, but will she be able to incorporate that defiant toughness that Bai Qian has? That is actually my favorite part of Bai Qian. In my head, Crystal Liu has the image of a fragile goddess who can play a character like Su Su, so I look forward to her taking on the challenge of Bai Qian. WAIT! I am not happy about: is that person dressing up as a blue rooster trying to be a peacock pretending to be Zhe Yan? Please don’t! Zhe Yan is mature, cool, and slightly humorous not some flamboyant, over the top character. Why oh why? Well, the costumes are definitely pretty, but are they fitting? I like Ye Hua’s all black look because there was purpose, but what’s with this gold I am now seeing? Also, shouldn’t Su Su’s outfits look more plain? Okay, it was just a quick glance, but TV Su Jin looks prettier and was not rocking crazy blue fur and green sequins. Huh? By the way, is that Qing Cang (or Li Jing)? Why is he so young? Did the movie decide to dramatically decrease the average age of the entire cast? Why? I mean who is going to play Qing Cang’s kids then? Babies? Last question: who is the girl in the black cut out dress that Crystal Liu is fighting in the trailer? It can’t be Yan Zhi, so it has to be Xuan Nv, but Xuan Nv… shouldn’t look like that and doesn’t fight…

Honestly, my biggest worry is how they will be able to turn a 58 episode drama into a movie. I know, I know. The movie is based off the book and not the TV series. However, what made the drama so successful is the strong presence and love, yearning, and all these real and raw emotions. I know the drama lacked the budget for good effects, and the movie doesn’t. I mean case in point: that beautiful ocean scene, but that is besides the point. A movie with a big budget can provide the visual effects but will it makes me cry, laugh, and love like the drama did?

I will stop with the questions and worries. I am seriously not trying to be a hater. Truthfully, the trailer ended in a really cute way that makes viewers crave for more, and I am excited for the film. Let’s all give it a try. I am currently watching the press conference right now. I am reminded that I don’t know Crystal Liu’s hair color for Bai Qian. It ages her, doesn’t it?


Well, that’s it for my trailer reaction. If you haven’t seen the drama yet, I highly recommend that you do. Here is my review of the drama if you are interested: Asian Drama Review: ‘Eternal Love’ aka ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms’ (三生三世十里桃花) [2017]