~ Spoiler Free! Movie Review: “Sing” (2016) ~

In an animal world, a bunch of unknown singers enter a singing competition hosted by a koala to save his theater.

On my most recent flight, I watched “Moana” and “Sing”. Though I prefer “Moana” more, “Sing” still has its merits. The characters are lovable and the singing is fun. I would say that it is a decent animated movie but only decent. There are a lot of characters, all going through their own major trails. So, it ended up being too much conflict and not enough time. In the end, everything was seemingly wrapped up nicely in a big beautiful ribbon; it felt rushed and forced. This can be explained away as keeping an animated movie simple because of its target audience, but it did feel a bit lacking in substance. Overall, “Sing” is a cute movie filled with adorable characters and enjoyable covers with somewhat passable plot and dialogue.