~ Warning! Spoilers! Movie Review – “Kong: Skull Island” ~


I usually start my reviews with a summary, but honestly so much happens in this movie that I don’t know how to summarize or explain it. I thought I was going in to watch a King Kong movie instead I got some crazy huge ugly monsters movie. The plot is so far fetched – I wasn’t able to get into it. The movie was a bit of a joke especially with how much and how badly Samuel L Jackson’s character wanted to kill Kong. Truthfully, I think the movie sometimes got to the point of ridiculous. Some of the many super sized monsters were a bigger comic relief than the actual comic relief. This movie to me seemed like a mix of everything I have watched before but a parody of them. When Kong was throwing people in his mouth, I had flashes of ‘Attack on Titans’. Then, we get a wall, and it’s like of course. Then, the battle of the two biggest creatures: Kong and the big Skullcrawler reminded me of every other monster versus monster or creature versus creature movie such as Jurassic World. One of the few good points of this movie is John C. Reilly because his humor and jokes as this kind of time traveler was on point. Other than that, even the iconic moment of Kong resting a girl on his palm wasn’t good enough to be nostalgia porn. There was too much going on: the lying explorer/evil scientist, a military man who has gone too far, a lone ex-military guy who finds friends, the always young military boy who changes the status quo somehow, a war, a pretty girl who can’t fight, made out to be different tribal people, etc. The movie does too much which means it does absolutely nothing since no impact was left. Anyways, I think it might be a good movie for those who enjoy watching monsters go at it. That’s about it.

One last thing, this may be a non-issue to most people but I am extremely tired of this Hollywood trend of casting a [Mainland]Chinese actor (well, mostly actresses) and giving her or him no lines and whose role can be seriously omitted and will not have any affect on the movie whatsoever. If Hollywood wants to utilize a Chinese actor or actress in a movie so that it will be more appealing in the Chinese market, please give them a role of substance. Don’t just find a pretty face that might or might not speak English and have them standing in the background with zero to four lines. It doesn’t please the Chinese audience and honestly make Chinese actors and actress out to look like jokes in these nonsensical cameo roles because that is what they really are.