~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: The Mortal Instruments Book Four City of Fallen Angels by: Cassandra Clare ~


Our heroes have been through a lot, but life never gets easy for shadowhunters and downworlders alike. Clary is officially training to be a shadowhunter. Jace is still fighting his inner demons of being ‘Valentine’s son’. Simon is coping poorly with being a vampire and living with the mark of Cain. Alec questions his future with Magnus while Isabelle is wondering how to open her heart. Then, we have Maia and Jordan… None of them can catch a break.


It took me a while to start the fourth book of this series because the third book was so good, and I felt like the story could’ve ended there. I didn’t know what more this fourth book could offer after besides bringing back an old villain or introducing a new one. Answer! It does both.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. New characters are introduced to stir up drama, and I enjoyed them. I was sad to see Lilith go so fast, but I am excited to see more of Camille. She seems very interesting. In addition, I love Izzy. They’re cute. Plus, I like how Alec and Magnus are addressing the mortality of their relationship. This is important along with this constant debate of shadowhunter v. downworlder. It’s intriguing to me.

I’m looking forward to a lot of things in the next two books but the main characters. I’m tired of this whole ‘we can’t but we can…not” going on with Clary and Jace. It’s annoying. “I love you, so I’m pushing you away.” Gosh, just stop! I’m over this sulking and self-loathing Jace. Also, what’s with Clary’s attitude? It’s like this couple has nothing to do but dig up old problems, pretending it’s new.

Question: did Jonathan aka Sebastian enter Jace’s body in the end? I don’t want it to be true. Can we not with these cliffhangers? Anyways, a story is only as good as their villain. Valentine was great, so I expect nothing less from Jonathan/Sebastian. I think he will deliver.

One last thing I didn’t like about this book besides the frustrating main characters is Maia and Jordan’s relationship. He still hit you; he still turned you. Are you seriously going to forgive him that easily after holding onto this grudge for so long? Did you really kiss him? Please, don’t…


  1. Let’s not stall any longer: Jocelyn and Luke’s wedding
  2. Robert needs to come back, so he can salvage his marriage/family. I still can’t believe he is a cheater though.
  3. Camille will keep her end of the deal and tell Alex how to be immortal. A more understanding and less insecure Ale won’t go through with it, and readers will learn about Will.
  4. More Sizzy
  5. Clace still wanting each other but won’t really properly be together until the last book.
  6. Seelie Queen will get in the way of Clace but will help out later because of the present given to Clary.
  7. Jocelyn will finally accept Jace after realizing how broken he is and how in the wrong she is especially as the adult.
  8. Raphael and Camille showdown
  9. Jonathan/Sebastian will hurt Clace, call a demon army, and find him yearning for Clary’s love whether familial or more.


So now, I will patiently wait till my brother buys me the fifth and sixth books. Thanks bro! With that, I will give this fourth book a… 3.5/5

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