~ try limiting yourself to one maybe two answers ~

All Time Fav: Coffee Prince (2007)
            There are still scenes I remember clearly in my head. That’s how much of an impact it had on me. I’ll never forget this drama.


First: Full House (2004)
Rain and Song Hye Kyo, need I saw more?


Recently Finished: Reply 1988 (2015)


Currently Watching: My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon (2005) and My Shy Boss (2017)

Re-watch: Reply 1997 (2012) and Goblin (2016)
I don’t normally re-watch dramas, but I would love to re-watch these two.

Favorite Actor: Gong Yoo


Favorite Actress: Gong Hyo-Jin


Favorite Idol Turned Actor/Actress: Jung Eun-Ji (A Pink)


Favorite OTP: Choi Han-Gyul X Go Eun-Chan (Coffee Prince)
            Come on, it’s my all time favorite drama.


Favorite Second Pairing: Yoon Chan-Young X Lee Bo-Na (The Heirs)


So Lee-Jong X Choo Ga-Eul (Boys over Flowers)


Favorite BroTP: Goblin X Grim Reaper (Goblin)
             The behind the scenes of them were so beyond precious.


Favorite Gal Friends: Yoo In-Na and IU (Heroes)
            Okay, Okay. I know this is a variety show and not a drama, but who can deny their charming female friendship.

Favorite OST: Goblin (2016)


Favorite Kiss Scene: Reply 1988 (2015)
            Let’s be real: there are a lot! However, this is the most recent, and Park Bo-Gum looks like such a great kisser. Truthfully, I just want to be kissed by him. Yet, it can only be just a dream.


Most Pitiful Second Lead: 14th prince (Scarlet Heart)
             I don’t know if he is considered the second male lead, but I can’t believe how loyal he is to stay by her side even though she doesn’t love him and takes on the responsibility of raising her daughter. My heart breaks for him. He deserves to find love.
            I haven’t watched this drama in its entirety so I don’t feel right writing it, but the second male lead looks like he will crash and burn hard in ‘She was Beautiful’.


Most Evil Parent: Lady Hwa-Young (Princess Hours aka Goong)
            I watched this so long ago and don’t remember much of it besides the cute teddy bears and the mother being crazy evil.


Best Jewelry: Kissing Star Necklace (Boys over Flowers)
            I don’t know why, but this was the first answer that popped into my head.
Also, I didn’t watch this drama, but supposedly the necklace showed up in ‘Love Rain’ as well.

 Boys over Flowers necklace

Best Stuff Animal: Pig Rabbit (You’re Beautiful)
            This is seriously one of the few k-drama merch that I actually own. My first pig rabbit keychain broke, and I actually went and bought a replacement.


Most Action Pack: Iris (2013)
            Frankly (and I don’t know why), I don’t think I finished this drama, but I do remember there being a lot of action.


            There are so many. Right now, I am laughing my ass off with My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon. I remember laughing a lot with Princess Hours. I think the entire Reply series is hilarious. It’s too hard to choose just one because there’s a comedic aspect in all k-dramas. I apologize for leaving this one blank for now.

Saddest: Autumn in my Heart (2012)
            Oh gosh, I don’t even remember the specifics of the story anymore. I just remember crying buckets and buckets of tears.


Scariest: Master’s Sun (2013)
            Horror is a genre I tend to avoid, but the ghosts in this drama were quite scary.


Best Movie: My Sassy Girl (2001)
            You know it’s good when Hollywood tried to remake it and China puts out a sequel. It had all the feels and more. As someone who doesn’t re-watch, I’m proud to have seen this movie twice. An extremely close second that deserves a shout out is in my book is: ‘He was Cool’.  


Most Disappointing: Big (2012) and Playful Kiss (2010)
            With BIG, the cast was great (and I mean Gong Yoo is in it), but the ending fell flat and left so many questions were left unanswered. It was just riddled with plot holes.
            With Playful Kiss, the Taiwanese one was just too beloved in my heart, so the Korean one couldn’t match.

Did Not Finish: Bubblegum (2015)
            I just lost motivation. I love the main leads though, but there was something lacking in the story. I’m sorry. 


Every time I think it is the end, I come up with a new category and answer, but it’s time to stop.  I might do a part two next time. With that, here is my “Everything K-drama Tag!” I tag all of you! ❤