I just posted a list of things I will miss about Japan once I leave this country. That got me thinking. Are there things I won’t miss about Japan? The answer is yes, and it can get quite deep. Therefore, after thinking about it, I want to keep this list as on the surface as possible.

  1. Indoor smoking: Smoking is permitted inside restaurants in Japan which isn’t cool for a girl who does not like the smell. My pregnant friend from France is praying that this will change in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. I joked and said that it will probably only be for Tokyo and since we don’t live in Tokyo, the situation won’t change for her.
  2. Small apartments with their tiny kitchens: Japan is a dense country. What can you expect? However, I hate the tiny kitchen in my small Leopalace apartment. How are you supposed to cook with such little space? Well, I have learned to make it work. I was spoiled back home with a big kitchen that came with an oven. I am happy to reunite with that again.
  3. Weather (humidity and snow): As a California girl, born and raised, my body will never ever get used to humidity and snow. With snow, at least in my area, it does not snow often. However, humidity is the worst. I hate how it makes you feel and how the clothes drying outside feel. Also it rains a lot in Japan which I can deal with now, but I still don’t like. Oh gosh, I sound annoying complaining about weather… I’ll stop.
  4. NO WIFI: Wifi is still a pretty non-existent thing in Japan which blows by the way. It is so inconvenient for tourist. Come on Japan, you are hosting the 2020 Olympics right? Let’s get on this wifi business.
  5. Rural life: This is very location specific. I don’t technically live in a big city in Japan, and I miss the big city life from time to time especially since I am from LA.

Here is my on the surface list of things I will not miss about Japan. This will be my last list for a while, I think.