~ Warning! Spoilers! K-drama review: “My Shy Boss / Introverted Boss” ~


EUN Hwan Ki is the CEO of a PR company, but since he is extremely shy, no one actually really knows him and many weird rumors about him spread. CHAE Ro Woon is a new employee at his company, but she has an ulterior motive as to why she is working there and it involves the CEO.


I kept seeing clips of this drama on some k-drama accounts I follow, and it looked too adorable to pass up. I was sold and gave it a try, but I feel lied to. Right in the beginning of the first episode, viewers are shown a suicide on Christmas Eve shocking me and shattering my cute drama expectations. However, that was just the first episode, so I decided to also watch episode two. In it, I found Ro Woon to be extremely invasive and therefore, I was unable ship her with Hwan Ki. I don’t believe in brushing away her forceful behavior as ‘charming’. Also, I don’t like that revenge is the thing that brought her to him – to be together. I know this avenging her sister is suppose to explain away Ro Woon’s stalker ways, but I was done.

Then, my friend and loads of online comments said that this is a drama viewers have to stick with because it only gets better. So, I pushed myself to watch it until the halfway point at least. I’ll admit that after episode four, it does get better. Episode five hints it, but six confirms that the main girl will drop her revenge scheme. I wonder if this was the original intent of the writer or a last minute change to appease viewers. Without the revenge plot and Ro Woon easing up plus more eye opening facts about the Eun family, the show becomes more entertaining but for me, it’s not enough.

I was honestly pairing Hwan Ki with everyone but Ro Woon for the longest time. There was first Gyo Ri and then Chae Ah. I didn’t think Ro Woon was good for Hwan Ki because instead of loving and accepting him as him, she was trying everything to change him. Ro Woon takes it back (the telling him to change) during episode eight which is the last episode I left off on. Thus, this show is headed in a better direction, but it’s not going there fast enough for me.

It’s not just the main love story. I don’t really like the side ones either. What’s with this whole insta-love Gyo Ri has for Jeong Min? Also, who is this random cock blocker, Jeong Min, when we already have frenemy, Woo Il. Honestly, Woo Il needs to stop throwing himself pity parties. Yet, he has been written a sad back story, so he will probably do some intense betraying / traitorous actions and then blames it on the Eun family but will have a chance at redemption which he will take. In the end, he’ll grow a backbone and does what needs to be done in his current relationship. These are my predictions for his character. By the way, I read a comment that said Hwan Ki’s sister is the ultimate fuck boy’s girlfriend. #truth

Besides the fact that I find the main guy super endearing and hilarious, I don’t see any other reasons to continue this drama. I might watch solely for him if I have nothing else to watch because I genuinely don’t want to ship him with the main girl even though she has changed and they’re obviously end game. In my basic opinion, there’s just not enough likable characters. You have a sister who committed suicide and a mother who let herself go when there was so much more to their life. You have another sister inflicting self harm and an adopted son who keeps returning to his physically and mentally abusive family. These are some really deep issues which I predict will not get a proper explanation and just end with with a and they live happily ever after. This drama tries to be light hearted. Oh look how funny it is that Ro Woon is possibly falling for the real reason why her sister jumped to her death. It tries to walk the fine line of profound emotional drama mixed with light hearted comedic romance, but to me, it’s not doing the emotional suffering justice.

Hence, I know this drama is getting better. I know my complaints have been heard and are being written out. Yes, Hwan Ki is charming and fun to watch. Yes, Park Hye Soo is a sweetheart. However, plot wise and romance wise, I have checked out. I’m sure with the direction it’s heading, the show will only get better. I guarantee it, but I’m finished. Tell me in the comments below if you are watching this drama and what your thoughts are. If you finished this drama, I really want to know how you think it wrapped everything up.

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