~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3) By: Ally Carter ~


Hale’s grandmother, Hazel, passes away suddenly. In her will, Hale is named the sole heir to the family company. However, loyal butler, Marcus, believes that this will is fake! He wants Kat to investigate and find the real one but as Kat gets dragged into this complicated con more and more, she feels Hale slipping away from her further and further.


Currently, the third book in this series is my favorite probably because I am invested in these characters now and the third book comes with an emotional punch. I did not see the big twist/happy ending coming because I was prepared for our protagonist to lose one. I now know that was being too pessimistic towards a middle grade book. However, it means that this book got it right in the feels department. Everything was a con from the beginning. (Damn, I should have known.) I’m glad for the happy ending, but… Firstly, the foreshadowing of Uncle Eddie’s death was so on point that when he died, I was genuinely sad. Then, he comes back from the dead and Uncle Charlie is safe as well. I felt cheated, but it was well played. If the first book is a three (on a five scale) and the second one is a 3.5, then this third book is almost a four. Can I say 3.8? I was not sold on the all too perfect ending. It’s not the book’s fault – this is a personal preference. Also, I was not fully sold on this struggle of a relationship between Hale and Kat. Anywho, one of the best parts of Perfect Scoundrels is that readers are finally shown all the characters we have heard about in the first two books. It was cool meeting all the older players such as Uncle Felix and Gabrielle’s mom. Irina’s description is spot on. It was nice seeing Kat’s dad again, and how sweet was it that he gave Kat and Hale his blessing. The theme of family is strong in this one which I thoroughly enjoyed. We have the family we are born to and the family we grow up with and the family we pick to grow old with.

Fourth Book Hopes/Predictions

  1. I talked about this in my previous review: I want to see Gabrielle tangled up in a love story/triangle. A beauty like her needs to break some hearts or have her heart broken. Simon? Nick? New character?
  2. This is another one from my previous review: I want to know how Kat’s mother died. However, I now know this is probably something that won’t be explored any further in depth. In order words, I lose hope in knowing.
  3. This time, Visily Romani’s name is mentioned, but this character doesn’t appear which made me miss him or her. Let’s bring this person back in the fourth book. Knowing the identity is probably a stretch but would be fun material.
  4. Nick misses a little of school to come out and play in this third book which isn’t enough. I don’t care much for his mother even though she was quite helpful in this one. I rather see more of the son.
  5. I know a lot of people online seem to want to know Hale’s full name. I honestly don’t care and I don’t think it is going to happen.

I’ll see you again when the fourth book comes out. Tell me what you want to see in the fourth installment.


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