~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury By: Sarah J Maas ~


This book is freaking awesome. I went through so many emotions and enjoyed it from beginning to end. I totally recommend it and would give it a 5/5. Here is why –

Firstly, fuck Tamlin! I hope he dies along with his crazy delusions. At first, I thought he was scarred and broekn, but it’s a lot worse. He;s not going to to get better. He took a turn for the worse and needs to die with Ianthe.

Secondly, I officially have a favorite couple: Nassian X Nesta. Can they please be mates? I’m sure she came out of the cauldron with special powers. Let’s see what she can do. I hope she makes good with her threat and kills the King of Hybern. Give her a mortal queen to take down, too. Also, is Cassian going to lose his wings? Oh, my heart will break. Can he have one last opportunity to fly with Nesta before he loses them, please?

Thirdly, what the freak! I did not see Lucien being Elain’s mate coming. He doesn’t deserve her now. Once he gets a back bone, I’ll approve. I know Elain loves flowers and will enjoy Spring Court, but let’s be real: she shouldn’t be there if Tamlin is High Lord, and Lucien definitely will not be joining Night Court. I wonder how their love will work. We might met her Fae hating almost father-in-law. Will he try to kill Elain  which ends with Lucien killing him for her?

Fourth, I know people online are predicting that Feyre will get pregnant. I hope not because she needs to be in fighting condition for now for the inevitable war. It can happen in the epilogue. Also, let’s be honest: she’s a spy, not a honey pot. Well, I don’t want her to be. If she sleeps with Tamlin and becomes pregnant with Tamlin’s baby, I don’t care what Rhys says, I will not be okay with it. Not one bit.

Fifth, with A Court of Thorns and Roses, I didn’t hop on any ships. I was worried that Feyre might find someone else since she hadn’t made that mate connection. I liked how Rhysand and Feyre’s relationship developed. Their note writing was super entertaining: cute and funny. Plus, honestly, their interaction at Court of Nightmares was beyond hot. Then, that scene at the inn was so sexy, but the Court of Nightmares was just too intense.
– Damn! I want Nesta to have the chance to stroke Cassian’s wings. Oh, my heart. –

Sixth, since Jurian is brought back to life, I guess we will be seeing his old flame, Miryam. I guess she will teach the world how humans and Faes can co-exist.

Seventh, I don’t believe that Az and Mor will get together. I think they will continue their dance even after Cassian stops being their buffer. Yet, what I honestly think is that since Cassian is going to lose his wings, Az will be the one dying. I don’t want him to die, but it might really happen meaning once again no Mor and Az.

Eighth, the weaver scene was winning all the way. I literally felt fear and anxiety. Like I said earlier, this book brought me through every single possible emotion. The scene where Feyre trains with Cassian and then has that fire blow out explosion felt real.

Ninth, we need to talk about Feyre’s character development. It needs a shout out and here it is. AMAZING!

Lastly, this is a trilogy, right? So, the next book is the last one, right? OMG! I can’t wait. May isn’t coming fast enough. I’m dying for it.