I don’t like to be first to watch a show or read a book because I like to wait for reviews before I dive into things. There are just so many shows to watch and books to read that I don’t want to waste my time on something that sucks. Therefore, I usually wait until I get a recommendation from someone I trust or if the reviews are overwhelmingly high before I start something. Yet sometimes, people just have different views and interests. Something that rubs someone else the wrong way may be something someone else enjoys. We are all humans entitled to our different likes and dislikes / opinions. Now, in alphabetical order of title, here is a list of books that disappointed me.

  • Breaking Dawn by: Stephenie Meyer
    • This is the last book of the Twilight series, and no matter what others may say now, young teenage me was obsessed with these books (and movies). However, in this last book, nothing really happens and it’s quite thick. That was a little disappointing. Also, I’m one of those weird “Team Jacob” people. I knew Jacob wasn’t going to end up with Bella, but he got such a copout ending. I feel like I have to put this disclaimer that as an adult I now notice how toxic their relationship is and how overly possessive Edward is, but it doesn’t change the fact that younger me loved this series.
  • Chain Reaction: Simone Elkeles
    • I love the Fuentes brothers very much. I have reread this trilogy which is rare for me. However, in the original and second read through, I realized that I did not enjoy the third book as much as I did the first two. Don’t get me wrong, I love this trilogy a lot. I fell in love with the first book, Perfect Chemistry, and fell deeper and harder for the second, Rules of Attraction, but the third book… I just didn’t love it like the first two which is why it was disappointing. Yet, I would still recommend this trilogy to anyone who wants to read about three hot brothers (Alex, Carlos, and Luis). By the way, the book trailer was super cringe, but they cast Carlos so well. Ugh, can these books be a movie, please? Honestly, Chain Reaction is only disappointing when compared to its two predecessors, but it’s not bad.
  •  Fifty Shades Darker/Fifty Shades Freed: E.L. James
    • I don’t understand how this Twilight fan-fiction got published in the first place, and I can’t believe that I read it before it got super popular. I was curious, and my friend emailed me the files. LOL! I will admit that the first book was somewhat of a guilty pleasure. It made me want to read the second. After the second, I couldn’t take any more of it. It was just bad. I called up my friend and predicted the entire ending. Once I heard that I was correct, I thought I would move on. Yet, for some reason, the ‘I must finish what I started’ complex in me drove me to complete the last and final book, and it was shit. What a waste of time…
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    • This ‘book’ has a ton of mixed reviews online. I can see its merits, but I was still super duper disappointed. I bought it the day it came out and read it in one sitting after coming home. This was not how it should’ve been… You can read more on my thoughts by clicking this link: Review: Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins
    • In short, the characters were unlikeable. I quickly figured out the plot twist. I only finished reading it, so I could go “Aha! I’m right.” More than disappointed, I disliked this book and would not recommend it or will I ever watch the movie. You can read more of my rant on this book here: Book Review: The Girl on the Train
  • The Lovely Bones: Alice Sebold
    • I saw the movie trailer when I was in the theaters and boy, did it looked good. Thus, I went to the library and checked out the book to read. A friend of mine at that time buddy read it with me. She finished it a lot faster than I did and hated it. I finished it slower because of her and ended up feeling the same way. I didn’t like the book so much that I no longer wanted to watch the movie.
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Ann Brashares
    • I talked about why I disliked this book in my post, ‘Book Series I won’t finish’ already. Here is the link, if you’re interested: Book Series I won’t finish