I love watching reality shows especially obstacle reality shows, so I started watching “Ultimate Beastmaster” in Japanese. Usually, a ‘Netflix Original’ comes with English subtitles, but this time around, there was only Japanese CC and simplified Chinese. That was disappointing because I had to really concentrate to understand a show that should have simply been something playing in the background.

After the first episode, the American version popped up on my page, and I finished the entire first season in English. Here are my thoughts:

First, I know a lot of people are complaining about how Sylvester Stallone copied American Ninja Warrior (which I loved watching with my brother). I thought that way at first, but honestly, it’s another obstacle reality show. If one prefers “Wipe Out or “Ninja Warrior” more than this one, then watch those. “Ultimate Beastmaster” tries to be different with an epic video game name, a not so great point system, imagery to the obstacle, and this pretend international twist. We can have more than one obstacle reality show, right? By the way, I don’t take any of the comments which compare this show to Ninja Warrior without mentioning SASUKE seriously.

I was looking forward to “Ulimate Beastmaster”, but it’s not without its many problems. Here a few that bugged me:

  1. What’s up with the horrible commentary? I saw Terry Crews and got excited. I still remember him from “White Chicks and adore him in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Yet, both him and his partner, Charissa Thompson, were boring and kept chanting ‘USA’.
  2. I went back and read the comments left on the Japanese version. Besides the ones obviously saying it is a rip off of SASUKE, there was a comment that complained about the Japanese competitors which I agreed with. Yeah, idols and comedians participated in SASUKE. Nonetheless, is “Ultimate Beastmaster” telling me that feather boy, the last samurai, and muscle Youtuber are the best that Japan has to offer?
  3. Also, this isn’t fair. How can they change the course a few episodes in? They can change it in the second season which they should, but it should be the same for everyone until the final episode.
  4. Next, I’m trying to understand why points are worth more than completion… There are competitors who get further which take up more than time but will place lower than someone who didn’t get as far because their time falling off the same obstacle is shorter.
  5. Final thing, wasn’t the last episode extra shitty? So, it’s just the same course but a little harder? The next thing that confused me is the tie breaker. That was the lamest thing ever. They could have kept with the same rule and go with who was higher up or have an actual tie breaker. This other compliant about the last episode isn’t just something I noticed. A lot of people are talking about it. I was thinking because there was no reply that maybe it was the camera angle, but Felipe’s feet touched the floor during the bungee bed, right? If he truly did land on his feet, then he being the ultimate winner means this show is a complete sham. I feel bad for the Korean guy because he had to compete with a possible cheater in the worst tie breaker.

Overall, I like obstacle reality shows. I like the athleticism, action, back/sob stories, competition, and gripping moments. The ‘Ultimate Beastmaster” did a great job in giving viewers competitors to root for and had some, more like a few edge of your seat moments. Therefore, even with all the problems and controversies, if there is a second season, I would play it.

If you have seen “Ultimate Beastmaster”, what are your opinions? I would like to know. Do you think there will be a second season (with better announcers, obstacles, and set rules)? Would you watch a second season?