Hello USA
I’ve been away
But I got some stuff to say
So let’s air it out today

It’s been three years
Can I shed some tears
Discuss my fears
Wind up some gears

I’m coming back
While you’re on attack
Brothers and sisters you sack
Citizens, broken and crack

Back with open arms
Will you sound the alarms
Welcome me with firearms
Put me in harms

Your child of yellow face
Of a made fun of race
Just wants to be embrace
By her own birthplace

My home, my neighborhood
My family, my childhood
Understand, understood
Hurt me you could

I didn’t know you to be like this
But I guess I chose to dismiss
Living in fake ethnic enclave bliss
Missing the underneath abyss

Ignoring the underbelly of hate
As it grew and aggravate
You were never great
I learned that too late

Supposedly you love us all
But as some beg and crawl
Out to you they call
Turn, you watch them fall

Confessions from my nightmare
Because I deeply care
You, I begin to fear
But yet, do I dare

I’m returning to you
Even if I’m beaten black and blue
Even if my mother dies in a hospital queue
My home is you

I trust you’ll ease my bad dreams
Fix the torn seams
Stop polluting our streams
Correct the dangerous regime

That I’ll no longer wake up sad
You’ll stop doing things that are bad
Or making allies mad
You and us can be comrade

Back, I won’t leave
Because I want to believe
Love and unity we can achieve
Or am I being naive

Don’t hurt the brothers and sisters
Who call their senators
Or the visitors
Who aren’t even predators

Don’t hurt my peers
Marching over there
Give them your ears
As they chant their cheers

Hello USA
Can we make way
For a better day
Before I’m old and gray

February 2017
(I rhyme when I have too many thoughts on my mind.)