~ Warning! Spoilers! K-drama review: “Descendants of the Sun” ~


If you want to read my halfway review before this full one, here is the link: K-Drama Halfway Review: Descendants of the Sun (Ep. 1-8)

Thoughts / Review

Overall, this drama is solid. The plot is entertaining and the cast is awesome. I enjoyed it and would totally recommend it, but it’s not without its flaws. There were a lot of fun and warm moments which were cute to watch. Song Dae-Young’s character really brings in the comic relief at the end especially when he was dancing to Red Velvet. (I love Red Velvet especially Seulgi, so that was a dope cameo.) I think my biggest problem with this drama is that it could have ended at fifteen. Sixteen was such a filler episode. The ending though adorable was, let’s admit it: lame. I liked the side by side comparison of a doctor’s oath to a solder’s pledge. I also appreciated Daniel spreading some hard truths about pharmaceutical companies / medicine. Dramas should educate people. By the way, wasn’t Daniel such a wasted character? The show made him so cool and mysterious to only put him on the backburner. He and his wife didn’t even show up for their own wedding! The freak? Oh wells, I predicted a wedding, but it wasn’t the pair I wanted.

Besides feeling as though the final episode should have been an extra or a special and not part of the fifteen, my other problem with this drama is how many of the amazing secondary characters were constantly sidelined and never fully explained. I mentioned Daniel early but Agus, too. He was a great villain who was meant to die but was killed too soon if the ending plot was going to be changed to a kidnapping and torture that was faster than a drive by. With so much great material, the drama went through it too hastily.

I know I am being nitpicky. I know I’m being extremely critical because this drama was good. Each episode during the latter half ended with such intense cliff hangers that I couldn’t stop and quickly zoomed to the end. It made me laugh. It made me cry though I already knew the two boys weren’t dead.

If this was an American show, I can totally see it having a second season or a spin-off starring Daniel. Anyone else agrees?

Listing Observations

  1. The scene with the package was hilarious. I know they tried to repeat it with the Red Velvet scene, but the package was funnier. “Yoon, get your gun.”
  2. Agus is too trigger-happy and damnit, we have the same birthdays. Not cool.
  3. Valentine is such a strong and sexy character. I love her.
  4. The four main characters are super hilarious when drunk. LOL! I need to find friends to try this whole no night and three days thing. Do bars not close in South Korea?
  5. Oh gosh, the double date was the cutest thing ever. I should try to find it as a clip on Youtube and re-watch the heck out of it.
  6. Now, how was there no good-bye kiss between Dr. Kang and Yoo Si Jin? He was going to be gone for three months, and there was no kiss. Unbelievable…
  7. Oh yes, I was waiting for the pregnancy card to get thrown out there. Hahaha, of course.
  8. Where did they get all these non-Korean actors/actress? Fatima could not act and Agus’s goons were so stiff. It’s not really a big deal, but…
  9. Wow! Onew was given quite a bit of screen time in this. His character was cute, but he cried too much.
  10. Lastly, YAY! I was so happy that the last kiss wasn’t some frozen one.

Last Remarks

“Descendants of the Sun” is a good quality drama, but it’s not on my top list. Comparing it to the previous K-drama I watched, I would say “Goblin” is better than “DotS”. Honestly, they are both entertaining and actually written by the same writer, Kim Eun-Sook. She’s been on a roll and must like setting her stories abroad like “Heirs” and “Lovers in Paris”. Those four are the only dramas she has written which I have seen.

In the end, I would say to watch “Goblin” first and really make time for it and then watch “DotS”. You’ll enjoy them both for sure.

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