This is just going to be a quick rant, but fans of the show know that ratings have dipped since the departure of Shemar Moore and the firing of Thomas Gibbs. A hole has been left our hearts since they are the original cast members from season one. Since then, we have started off this new season shaky with two new characters and Paget Brewster stepping into Thomas Gibbs shoes. (Honestly, they couldn’t have written her a new catch phrase?)

Here are my thoughts on the newest episode. Titled “Spencer”, we know this episode will be all about our favorite character, Dr. Reid. The episode starts off with a disorientated Dr. Reid who is high, speeding, caught with hard drugs, and suffering from memory lost. That mug shot was really on point, but that is not the point. “Criminal Minds” always does this. When the views dip, the show will put one of our beloved characters in harm’s way, and right now, who is more beloved than Dr. Reid? It has happened before to him. Sadly, the show is running out of ideas. At first, I was excited to see Jane Lynch reprise the role of Spencer’s mother, but now I feel like what I thought was going to be good really won’t be. Is anyone else feeling this way? I know the writers are trying their best to save the show and keep it interesting. They even brought in cast members from the international spinoff: Alana de la Garza and Daniel Henney. Honestly, I don’t think even Daniel Henney’s beautiful face can save this plot line? I predicted this episode was going to end in a cliffhanger, but it was a pretty bad one. Poor Reid, you get the worst shit for being a fan favorite. There are speculations that Matthew Gray Gubler will leave the show after this plot line is resolved. Frankly, if there is no more Reid, “Criminal Minds” will lose another viewer. I will try to keep an open mind and see what will happen from here on out.