~Spoiler Free Book Review: Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2) by: Ally Carter ~


After the success of Henley, Katarina (Kat) Bishop has been riding on a high. Working on returning stolen art to its original owners, she knew the stakes were high when asked to steal Cleopatra’s Emerald, but how can she turn away from a mission with the name Visily Romani attached to it? Even if the gem is cursed…


Woah! I know I wasn’t fully satisfied with the first book because I still preferred this other series I read last year by the same author Gallagher Girls. However, this second one was a big improvement from the first, and now I am excited for the third book and the release of the fourth one. It can be because the world has been set up and the ‘crew’ along with other familiar faces is back, but I had an exciting time following the adventure these characters take.
Our protagonist, Kat, grows up so much in this, and that’s awesome to witness. Ally, the author, is really skilled with that. I like the slow progression between her and Hale. It just makes sense. Though I wasn’t fooled with the ending and was able to predict the outcome, I had an engaging time seeing the journey play out. A lot of ploys and distractions occur before what I see as the correct ending takes place, so I think this book can be an enjoyable read for everyone. Yup, Ally Carter has done it again; she has created another great series.


  1. I want to see the gorgeous Gabrielle have a love interest / story line. I think it would be cool to see a fun love triangle between her, Simon, and Nick. Wouldn’t it?
  2. I want to know the secrets about Kat’s mother’s death. There are obviously secrets, right? I trust we will find out soon.
  3. Marcus is really growing on me. Can he be in the background more? Actually I want to see all the secondary characters more! I want to know more about Kat’s father as well since he married into the family and wasn’t born into it.
  4. This is obvious, but we all need more Hale. And, we need more Hale and Kat being playful and not mad.


I still do like the Gallagher Girls series more, but it’s not right to compare the two because they are different. Anyway, this second book was really interesting and has drawn me into the series fully. I recommend it / this series if you want something light (tweenish), easy, fun with twists and turns plus a big scheme to read.