~WARNING SPOILERS: TV Show Review: “Outlander” Season 1 (Starz) ~


After surviving World War II, a British nurse, Claire, and her husband, Frank who has a keen interest in history are traveling around Scotland. One day, when she is walking alone, Claire is sent back in time to 1743. Encountering many struggles, challenges and adventures, Claire finds herself creating a new life during these difficult times but what about her original one? (This show is based off a book series written by Diana Gabaldon.)


Overall Thoughts:

In the beginning the show was a bit slow, but once I got up to episode three, I was hooked. It’s not a show I can binge watch because it can get too intense, so I need to take breaks here and there. However, this show and cast are my new obsessions. Also, those last two episodes were freaking crazy.

Where to start… First, I love the time traveling aspect very much. Sad to admit, I don’t know much about American history, let alone, world history. Therefore, this show has been somewhat educational for me. I always get a kick when I am learning stuff from a show. Second, I like that different languages are being spoken on the show. Growing up in a multilingual family and loving to watch foreign dramas, I totally approve this. Shows should be more multicultural and multilingual. Third, I think I am falling for the Scottish accents. It sounds super fun, and I enjoy learning all these new phrases. Fourth, the chemistry between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is too die for because they fight hard and love even harder. I root for them so much, and I wish they could have more happy moments. They are really being put through hell especially towards the end. Anywho, are the actors dating each other in real life? Fifth, Sam Heughan who plays Jamie is a serious cutie. I follow him on his social media accounts now. How can you say no to a show with such handsome eye candy? In addition, he plays such a loving character with this strong undying loyalty and need to protect. I’m digging it hard core.

I have but one complaint, and it is extremely tiny. Sometimes, I get annoyed with how the monologues kind of drag you along. It tells you everything and kind of pushes you to feel a certain way. I like to infer and make up my own thoughts, please. With that out of the way, let’s talk more about the things I like.


Favorite Characters:

Obviously, I love the main characters a lot, a lot. Like I said earlier, their chemistry is off the charts. However, besides them, I like Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) and Jenny (Laura Donnelly). I was kind of sad that Geillis was killed off. I thought her character still had so much potential and had more to tell. She was also from the future, but in comparison to Claire, Geillis was resourceful enough to not get into trouble majorly like Claire did right off the bat. Sadly, she really did seem witch-like which led to her death. I am sorry that Dougal (Graham McTavish) didn’t come rescue you. He didn’t deserve a beauty like you. Seriously though, Lotte Verbeek is drop dead gorgeous.

As for Jenny, there’s just something about her strong personality that I find extremely attractive. Her brother was away for four years with a price on his head, her husband is handicapped, and she has a young child with another one on the way. Yet, look at her, she is still going strong. What a survivor.

Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and Willie (Finn Den Hertog) did come out of nowhere at the end and caught my heart, so I am excited that Murtagh will definitely be in the second season.

Favorite Scenes:

I will forever engrave that one exchange between Claire and Jamie in my mind where he is asking for forgiveness and she in return asks for it as well. When Jamie explains how he had already forgiven Claire and will always forgive her even with the trouble she will cause because that’s love – my heart completely melted. I felt the strength of his love, and obviously it foreshadows more drama caused by Claire.

Addressing complaints:

I know that some people have said that this show has too much torture and rape. I can see where these people are coming and how they are unsatisfied with the answer of ‘well, it was the times’. However, I think as TV needs to push the bar more and as TV needs to bring in even more realness, this is the direction of where good, entertaining TV is headed. Shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld” have gotten complaints for their rape scenes, violence against women, and torture. (I like those shows too by the way… does this mean there’s something wrong with me? JK!) Honestly, if it ties into the plot, I don’t see it being wrong with there being more than one rape scene or an abundance of violence. We shouldn’t be putting number limits on how many times these can happen in a show. Let the writers write, and viewers, you decide if you still want to watch. In the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I think shows like ‘these’ are not coming to an end anytime soon.

Also, I don’t feel equip to address the rape scene with Randall and Jamie, but I have read some a handful of articles on it. I read this one that talked about how they thought it was good of the show to show how rape victims are unable to help how they react when being raped.

Hopes for Season Two  

Alright, that was one epic ending as we see Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh head to France to try to change the future. I am not so interested in this overall plot (of changing the future), but I’m already in love with the show. Also, Claire is expecting. What? What? Watching the trailer got me pumped. Wait? Does Claire return to her time? I feel like in France, they won’t be able to change the future, but it would be crazy if Jamie went to the future and that would be season three. Sorry, let’s focus on season two. I heard that the baby does not survive which makes me sad, but it makes sense to not have a baby around for their crazy adventures. I will be patiently waiting for season two now.

Last thing: I don’t have any friends that watch this show, so if you watch it and want to discuss it with someone – hit me up, please!