~ Spoiler free book review: The Mortal Instruments Book Three City of Glass
by: Cassandra Clare ~


In the midst of watching season one of “Shadowhunters”, I decided to give the books a try. I finished the first two books and realized that the show has taken a lot of liberties and changed quite a lot of things. Therefore, I wanted to read the third book before I started season two. It took me some time because I was interested in other books and shows. Additionally, if you have read my reviews for the first two books, you will know that though I enjoyed them very much, I didn’t really comprehend all the extreme hype. Season two of the show is out now, and the previews and promos look great. I want to watch it so bad. Thus, it lit a fire under my ass to finally finish reading the third book. A lot of people have told me that the third book is better than the first two, and I whole heartedly agree. I found myself hooked after getting over my slump, and now there’s no looking back.



Since I have seen the first season of the show and have read spoilers from the different fan sites I follow, I pretty much knew some of the big things that were coming in the third book. Usually, this makes me lose motivation and maybe that it why I went through that slump earlier. Anyways, once I got past that, I realized how well everything was woven together for the end. I appreciated that. There was a lot of drama, emotions, and action. It captivated my interest, and I wanted to continue reading to the end which to me means this book deserves major props. It brought me back to the series and currently I want to read more of it. Sadly, I am presently on a book buying ban, but once that is lifted, I will be buying all the sets and more. By the way, Valentine is such an awesome villain; he really thinks big and bold. Also, poor Max.
I have to admit that since I have let some time past after reading the first two books and watching season one of the show, there were moments where I would be confused as to whether some things have happened already or whether this was a show thing or a book thing. However, it’s no big deal.


Hopes for season two:

Since my book buying ban will not be lifted until April, I don’t want to think about how long it will take until I read the fourth book. Instead, I want to look forward to the things I can look forward to. I can now start season two of the show. With this, I hope the chemistry with TV Jace and Clary improves. Plus, Sebastian has been casted, and I am excited to see him make an appearance. By the way, the actor who plays Aldertree looks nothing like Aldertree, but it’s whatever’s. I know there were rumors that actress, Arden Cho, (Teen Wolf) might be Aline. I don’t know how I feel about that. Lastly, I am super duper looking forward to see Sizzy in action, and looking at the trailers and what not, I know Malec is going to be good. Alright, that’s it for now. Time to head over to Netflix >>>