Six women decide to join the police academy in Hong Kong. After many ups and downs during the training process, they are given the opportunity to join a formerly disbanded all-female elite force to hunt down terrorist. This group of female agents will now go undercover in Malaysia to hunt that a terrorist that killed one of the woman’s mother twenty years ago.

Mostly Spoiler Free Review:

Having seen the trailer beforehand, I thought the movie looked quite dumb. However, this movie has a bunch of actresses I recognize and Anita Chui is in this film. For those two reasons, I decided to give this movie a chance.

As for the core six, you have your basic fat girl, big boobed with no brains girl, manly girl (who wasn’t even manly at all by the way), I have a boyfriend girl, avenging my parent’s death girl, and competitive girl. From this, viewers can easily guess who will deliver the comedy and who deliver the conflict. Therefore, at its premise, this movie isn’t difficult to understand. There are no big twist or turns; it is quite basic – meaning, it was what I expected from the trailer.

The beginning tried to start us off with some emotional backstory. I emphasis the word, try. Then, in the middle, this emotional backstory is brought up again, but it makes no impact. Later, it is mentioned again towards the end, but by that point, it was just super cheesy and not sentimental at all. The movie tried to be those comedic action movies with emotion drizzled on the side, but it wasn’t enough funny or feelings for me. A big chunk of the movie is them going through boot camp, so the cool fights and shoot out scenes don’t come out till later. Therefore, the three aspects: comedy, action, sadness… none of them touched point. Therefore, if you want a laid back movie that doesn’t require thinking with some good looking girls barely kicking ass and holding guns plus a few short suggestive scenes, then this movie is for you. You might even find some parts funny.

Warning! Spoiler, but it’s not important Spoiler Alert! This part pissed me off. How dare the I have a boyfriend girl take her boyfriend back. In the beginning, it was implied they broke up. Yet, every time they encounter one another (twice), they are still mentioned as boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally, you would think after getting all tough at the end, this girl will finally realize that she doesn’t need a man that doesn’t treat her right. Nope, she got all strong and brave and shit just to go back to her crappy boyfriend.

In the end, the movie was alright. It wasn’t anything great, but it wasn’t super bad. I could sit through it again as something playing in the background.