“Roast Pork” used to be a young and dangerous gangster, but now he is a famous chef and caring father. Out of nowhere, his triad mentor, “Kerosene”, returns and commands him to become the head of the gang. Roast Pork’s only chance to extricate himself is to lose the election to another candidate called “Sparrow”. Ironically enough, Sparrow has found his true calling in academia while doing time. He has set his mind to getting into the best university in Hong Kong rather than running the triad. These two reluctant candidates are racking their brains to outwit each other so that they can stay out of the race, but will it work?

Spoiler-Free Review:

This movie is a star-studded parody on Hong Kong triad films. Seriously, the cast has a lot of Hong Kong big names, and honestly, I thought it was quite funny. Reviews online for it are pretty low, and I don’t understand why. It’s not great, but it’s not that bad. To me, it was very decent. I have always enjoyed Cantonese gangster slang talk, and this movie delivered with such inappropriate and hilarious dialogue especially when Kerosene and Sparrow’s mom fight. The movie has a solid plot, but I do have to admit that the ending was dumb, real dumb. There were also so many loose ends that weren’t tied up. Plus, I wished certain scenes had more emotional impact. It could have totally delivered more with that, what a pity. Anyways, it made me laugh, and I think that’s important with a parody. Yeah, it wasn’t fantastic, but I enjoyed it.