~ Warning Spoilers! Kdrama Review: Goblin (EP 1-8) ~



            Tak Ji-Eun (Kim Go-Eun) is not your average, normal girl. She was not suppose to be born but was brought back to life by the Goblin (Gong Yoo). After that, she became able to see ghost and is somewhat being chased by the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook). In addition, Ji Eun is branded as the Goblin’s bride. However, a sad destiny awaits the Goblin and his bride. What will happen to these two? Can they re-write their future together?



I have heard great things about this Kdrama, so after the last episode (16) came out, I decided to finally watch it. Oh boy, it has not disappointed. I love the plot, and the casting is unbelievably on point. There is my favorite actor since “Coffee Prince”, Gong Yoo, and never aging eye candy, Lee Dong Wook. Their bromance in this is such a hoot. Also, this is my first Kim Go Eun drama, and she’s amazing. I will definitely be checking out her other stuff after this.

From the start, the drama has been feeding me waves and waves of emotions. I am really enjoying it. Yeah, it’s serving me a little too much tears with the acting, but it is suppose to be sad especially with because of our modern-day Cinderella who is stuck with a tragic destiny.

Let’s talk about my favorite scenes – I have narrowed it down to three. One of the best to date is definitely when the Goblin and the Grim Reaper are strutting together at the end of episode two to go rescue Ji Eun. It was a scene oozing with coolness, and I was super fangirling from beginning to end. Another awesome scene is when Gong Yoo is ridiculously overreacting to his own zombie movie, “Train to Busan”. It was hilarious, and I was so excited that I recognized it. The last scene I have chosen to be on my top three for the first half is a bit of a motif as well. I don’t know why I laughed so much, but I really liked how upset the Grim Reaper was after he found out the Goblin and Ji Eun kissed. It was funny how he responded with (paraphrasing here) “Those two kissed while here I am without a business card, unable to call her.” Every time the business card is mentioned, I crack a smile.kim-shim-and-wang-yeo-in-goblin


  1. Let’s be real. Viewers have been fed too much sad foreshadowing to expect a happy ending for any of the characters. If Ji Eun does not accomplish her destiny of pulling the sword, then she dies. However, if Ji Eun pulls the sword, then he will vanish into ashes.A lot of these types of dramas end with the female character forgetting everything, but the memories are secretly and quietly tugging at her heart strings. Then, the male character that has died/disappeared will all of a sudden make the audience question his existence. He might be back, but you aren’t sure and she probably can still remember him if he possibly is. It will be one of those opened-ended, keep you guessing endings.
  2. Since the Goblin’s caretaker is old and with an heir, I am going to assume that he will get a heart-wrenching death where the heir, Yoo Doek-Hwa, takes over as CEO and still remains friends with Ji Eun. If Ji Eun doesn’t have her memories, I don’t think he will. They will be friends connected by the Goblin with no memory of the Goblin.
  3. As for the romance between Sunny and the Grim Reaper… it probably won’t have a happy ending as well now that we know their back story. Maybe, Sunny dies and the Grim Reaper has to collect her soul. It will kill him on the side, and he will finally be allowed death by the higher power(s).
    1. If not, since Sunny is the Goblin’s sister, I think the Goblin and the Grim Reaper since he loves her will work out something to ensure she lives a good life while they both die.
  4. As for the ‘grandmother’, I cannot believe she is the creator. I think the drama will probably end with a voice narration and it will definitely be her voice talking about love.