~ Spoiler Free Book Review: Heist Society (and some comparison to the Gallagher Girls series [written by the same author]) ~


Kat grew up in a family of thieves, and at fifteen, she conned her way into one of the best boarding schools in the country to escape the family business and leave the world of stealing. However, when her father’s life is in danger, Kat must unwillingly return to the life she left.


After falling in love with the Gallagher Girls series last year, I decided to give another one of Ally Carter’s series a try this year. I can draw some parallels between the main characters of Gallagher Girls (Cammie) and Heist Society (Kat). Both are tough female protagonist who lost a parent mysteriously and are involved in dangerous family business. These two teenagers are often underestimated due to their young age and are working in a male dominated industry though they have no understanding about boys. Cammie and Kat are confident in their skills but are not confident in their charm especially when compared to their more feminine friend/relative. Yet, with their smart and tight ‘squad’, these two girls will take on the impossible. Honestly, besides these generalizations, the books are different, and I appreciated that. Though it is premature to admit, I think that the Gallagher Girls series… might be better, but I will have to continue reading Heist Society to really make that claim.

The book had a slow start in pulling me in, but I was also going through a dry reading spell during this time. Anyways, it started getting interesting once the plot became clear. I praised Ally Carter for this last time and I’ll do it here again – Ally Carter has really strong and clear characterization. Each character is real and different and that makes her stories entertaining. The framing of this book with the constant reminder of the impending deadline date as Kat travels from country to country is quite neat. In addition, every good story must have a respectable villain. I think Arturo Taccone played up his evil role well. Plus, Visily Romani and his/her identity will be exciting to unravel as I dive deeper into the series.

Ally Carter likes to deliver a big twist, and I was only half right which impressed me. Yet, it wasn’t enough. A lot is left hanging, but this makes sense. It is only the first book of the series. Even though I am not super hyped, I will continue reading because my interest did peak. A lot of set up has been made, so let’s hope the pay off coming soon in the following books will be great.