After creating an overview of the books I read in 2016, I started thinking about goals for 2017. I didn’t originally plan on having any reading goals at all, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought… why not? Let’s try to set some reading goals for 2017.

Last year, I read 30 books. Therefore, this year, I would like to at least hit 30 again, but it would be nice to read more than 30. At this moment, let’s say my goal is 30~35.

By the way, I read quite a lot of manga which I do not include in my reading list and mostly YA novels. I want to expand my horizons for 2017 and try to read more contemporary or classics. I don’t want to set this at a high number because I want to be able to read whatever I want whenever I feel like it. For now, let’s say 5 to 10 books that are not in the YA genre.

Lastly, these are buying goals that I mentioned on the reading list as well. I want more (more like all) Kazuo Ishiguro books. Also, when I go back to the states, I need to re-buy and the Lunar Chronicles and a series by Sarah J Maas. In addition, I want the other covers of Rainbow Rowell’s books. Last, I also want the new Scholastic published Harry Potter set where the spinals form the Hogwarts castle along with the Fantastic Beast script. I really should not buy the Harry Potter series again, and my cousin has that edition so I could look at it when I am at her place, but… We shall see if anything of this will happen when I get back.

Alright, those are my kind of lame reading goals for 2017. Side note: it is too heavy to bring all the books I have bought in Japan home, so I am giving them away to friends and students which is sad but how it has to be. Seriously though, I cannot wait till I want back in the states and can start up my book collection again. (Though honestly, it will probably have to wait till after I move out of my parent’s place [again].)

If you are wondering, the picture on top is my current reading pile. I am currently having trouble finishing my first book of the year, but I should be done with one of them soon.