This show was mentioned on a podcast I listen to and many of my friends were talking about it. So over my winter vacation, I finally gave it a chance and binge-watched it in three days. It was really good; the plot was rich, filled with layers and depth. The casting was amazing, and there were so many deep and interesting characters. I loved how it questioned the human race and its humanity. Truthfully, I enjoyed the show from beginning to end. It had its slow bits, but I had no problems with the pacing at all. The first episode did a great job of hooking you in and the last episode really left me hanging as to what can happen from here. I looked forward to the second season. I did regret binge-watching the show because I think it is a show that required care with every watch. I felt that I missed some things due to binge-watching it. I needed time after every episode to ponder and doubt which I did not give myself. That’s why I started re-watching the show so that this time, I will have time to digest each episode. Therefore, I will not review this show because I am not ready. Instead, I will recommend everyone to watch this show, and I’ll post some random thoughts.


Warning! This will contain spoilers. My friend and I discussed the show afterwards, and here are some of the stuff we talked about.

  1. My friend thought the show started off brilliantly and then started to drag a bit. She thought the show was revealing details too slowly. I felt, almost the opposite of that. I think it started picking up during the later parts though I agree it was a little at times, very few times.
  2. We both agree that it is an ambitious show which will be a double edge sword. Let’s wait and see…
  3. Also, she didn’t buy the change of William becoming the man in black. She felt that it wasn’t justified, but it might in the second season or at least that’s what I told her. I liked the little reveal of Dolores and William because watching the first episode again and knowing their history makes it even better. We are both excited to see where his character aka man in black will go in the second season. He will definitely still be there and probably excited because they (the androids) can hurt/fight back now.
  4. I was not happy when Dr. Robert Ford played by the legendary Anthony Hopkins died. I thought there was more his character could do and contribute to the show but not anymore. Come on, you don’t cast Hannibal Lecter and not have him lay down more wickedness. Maybe, more will be uncover after his death in the second season. Who really knows? Some are saying he might come back as an android, but I feel like this death is permanent.
    1. By the way, I was not unhappy about this (maybe?) death because I did feel it was a little premature. I thought Else Hughes (Shannon Woodward) would get to play detective a bit longer and shake things up. Also, I was hoping for more interaction with her and Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), but people online are saying she’s not dead yet. She was only choked.
  5. By the way, why do I care so little about Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) storyline? I know it’s important and people online are saying that she will obviously take us to the different parks, so I should be looking forward to that, right?

Alright, that’s all I have for now. I am going back to re-watching.