Spoiler Free Movie Review – “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”


                    I’ll start off by saying that I am not a mega huge fan of Star Wars, but I do enjoy the franchise after I was introduced to it by a friend when I was in college.
I watched “Rogue One” with a girl who grew up with a father who is a mega huge fan. I was excited for the movie, but she was lukewarm. We both walked out of the theater feeling the same way.
During the movie, my friend and I would have small chats. She also left halfway to use the restroom. We realized that though the movie was good, it lacked something to keep our attention 100% of the time. It was fun, smart, and full of adventure, but it was missing that captivating pull. Also, in my opinion, the main female protagonist was missing a certain lovability.
There weren’t any outstanding problems as I can see. I guess, it was just too much, too little. Though the plot was simple enough, there were a lot of characters to introduce and fall for. Additionally, there was a lot of backstory to get through. It pieced together alright, but that ending… it didn’t evoke emotion in me which I think every movie needs to do.
Although it was not an on the edge of my seat kind of movie, it did have its positive points. Props to the diverse cast. Props to the natural accents. A lot of blockbusters fear casting more than one minority thinking that it will come off as a minority movie, but I’m glad to see “Rogue One” setting and example and rising above this irrational ‘fear’.
Here are some roles I did like. I thoroughly enjoyed Donnie Yen’s (forever to me as Ip Man) character, Chirrut Imwe. His bromance with Wen Jiang’s character, Baze Malbus, was endearing. However, the best character, hands down, was K2. I loved his sass and witty dialogue so much. He was the only one who made me laugh and made me sad. Honestly, I think everyone who has seen the movie will say they like Chirrut and K2.
Therefore, it was a decent movie. It fit the franchise and had a recognizable plot. Plus, there was bromance and lovable characters. The dialogue, at times, were really on point. However, like I mentioned earlier, there was just something missing to truly push it over the edge, to be great.
Spoiler! Lastly, the final scene with Princess Leia was such a surprise. I did not know about it beforehand. My poor heart – RIP!