I know I am a bit late, but Happy New Year! Right at the start of winter vacation, I went to Tokyo to meet with a friend. On Christmas Eve, we went to Tokyo Sea and then on Christmas Day, we went to Tokyo Disneyland. It was super duper fun, but I was also quite tired afterwards. I stayed in Tokyo a bit longer and tried to meet up with some other friends who are currently working/living there. After that, I came back to Nagoya and enjoyed New Year with another friend. On New Year’s Eve, we went to see Rogue One and then hit up the club afterwards to welcome 2017. The following day, we went to the shrine for  初詣 aka New Year prayer/fortune. In between that, I attended a 忘年会 (end of the year party) and a 新年会 (New Year party). Finally, I am alone in my apartment with no more plans until school starts again which is soon. However, this means, I still have a few days left to truly relax. I am not saying that vacationing and sightseeing isn’t enjoyable, but I don’t see it as a break. I needed some ‘me’ time (especially since I encountered some emotional turmoil during this time) to be alone to read and binge watch shows. I have been wanting to watch “Westworld”. Now, I finally can!

While I start my binge watching session, I guess I can talk about my goals and what not for 2017. Towards the end of 2016, I had a bunch of fun and new experiences, and I hope to continue that because it was quite awesome. Therefore, I want to push myself and expand the limits of my comfort zone. I did New Year resolutions before, and here’s what they are for this year. Same as the two previous years, I want to read more and write more. I did more reading in 2016 which was good, but I definitely did not write as much as I would had hoped. In the past, studying was part of the list, but now I have other things (work-related) to focus on. I would like to work harder on the old goal of staying fit. As for the new goals, I will be moving back to California. With this move back, my life will probably change drastically. As for how it will change, well… these are my aspirations.

Enjoy my vacation pictures.